Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Ultimate Pre-Travel Checklist

We traveled before, and we will again. When we do, it can be difficult to think of everything before you travel, and many people get caught up in the excitement of their vacation. This can mean that you forget to carry out essential tasks before you leave on your trip. To make sure that your vacation goes smoothly from the start, here are all the steps that you need to take prior to your travels.

  1. Book Your Airport Parking

If you are driving to an airport, booking your airport parking in advance will make sure that you have a designated spot to store your vehicle within while you are away. allows you to reserve safe and secure parking spots at a variety of airports, with its flexible booking system meaning that you can cancel your reservation at any time.

  1. Weigh Your Luggage

There is nothing worse than arriving at the airport only to find that you cannot take your beloved books or that bikini that you have been looking forward to wearing with you. To ensure that your luggage does not breach the weight limits, you should weigh your suitcase at home before you leave, and check your airline’s restrictions.

  1. Look at Your Hand Luggage

To prevent getting stopped in the security line, you should check your luggage before you leave, assessing anything that may stop you from being able to board the flight. This includes items such as bottles of water and make-up. 

  1. Check-In Online

Now, many airlines allow you to check-in online, and this can greatly speed up the process of boarding before you even reach the airport. By doing this, you will be able to skip the queues and print off your boarding pass from home.

  1. Speak to Your Bank 

If you are planning to use your cards while you are away, you should consider speaking to your bank before you travel. This can help them to protect you from identity theft and can allow them to block any suspicious purchases that appear on your account. Many banks will allow you to do this through online alert systems.

  1. Buy Travel Insurance

To plan for every eventuality, the best step that you can take is to buy travel insurance for you and your family. You should make sure that this covers every activity that you will be performing, especially if you are planning on taking a sporting break or participating in extreme sports. This can help to cover your finances if you miss your flight or get ill on vacation. 

  1. Check Your Visa

If you are concerned about your destination’s entry requirements, you should check their visa restrictions a couple of weeks before you leave your home. You should make sure that you apply for the relevant visa online or through an embassy before you leave and that you carry this documentation with you at all times.

  1. Write Down Emergency Numbers

To stay in contact with your family and to prepare for an emergency, you should write down all of your emergency details in a safe place. This also includes contact information for any services that you are using throughout your stay, such as the reception number or the owner’s contact details for your accommodation. 

  1. Read Government Advice

In order to stay safe while you are abroad, you should read your government’s advice regarding the country to which you are traveling before you leave. This includes any information about disease, crime, natural disasters, and your general safety in the area.

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