Wednesday, December 18, 2019

How to Protect Yourself & Your Child During Pregnancy and Birth

Happy Wednesday that I thought was Tuesday and I could actually use an extra work day this week so not cool. I'm sure the title gave away that this is a guest post, and it's from Maggie Hammond, proud momma to two littles and one too many furry friends. Passionate about alternative medicine, the great outdoors and animal welfare.

Every new mom will want to protect their child, from the minute they find out about their pregnancy. This also includes best caring for yourself in order to be the strongest and healthiest you can be during your pregnancy term and for the birth of your new bundle of joy. During pregnancy, you may face a host of challenges and fears, and nobody can say how easily you will handle the process. What matters is that you take whatever steps you can to protect both you and your baby.

Make the Healthiest Choices
Maintaining a balanced diet is one of the best things you can do for both you and your baby during pregnancy. A balanced diet means a wide variety of food, including fish, meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables, and staying hydrated.

Not only is a healthy lifestyle essential for you and your baby as a base need, but it can also help to limit the risk of birth defects and complications. By adopting healthier behaviors, you’re increasing the chance of giving birth to a healthy baby. 

However, it’s important to note that – despite your best efforts – a healthy baby isn’t always guaranteed. Conditions such as cerebral palsy can be unavoidable in terms of no clear prevention methods. To best protect your baby in this circumstance, your medical professionals need to detect early and take risk-reducing measures. In cases where this has failed to be done, you have every right for cerebral palsy claims against medical negligence.

Take the Relevant Vitamins 
Your doctor will be able to recommend the right vitamins needed during the course of your pregnancy, but folic acid is of huge importance in terms of preventing problems in your baby. You can take folic acid before you get pregnant if you have decided to try for a baby in order to best prepare your body, and it should be taken every day. 

This is the main vitamin to focus on during pregnancy, but you can consult with your medical advisor regarding any other vitamins. 

Exercise Regularly
It’s easy to think that lots of rest and avoidance of over-exertion is essential for the safety of you and your baby, but that’s not the case. It’s, of course, important not to strain yourself during pregnancy, but regular exercise is crucial for health purposes. Find an exercise that is comfortable for you, and be sure not to overdo it. 

While exercise is important during pregnancy, the best options will be ones that avoid contact or the risk of falling, therefore stretching such as yoga or leisurely walking is better than contact sports.

Arrange a Stress-Free Environment to Give Birth 
In order to encourage the healthiest, most natural birth, you need to make the environment right for you. Stress can serve to disrupt the natural birthing procedure and a build-up of anxiety will cause more harm than good. Decide where you would feel most comfortable giving birth, at home or in the hospital, and ensure the environment is optimized for your comfort and needs, which you have every right to. 


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