Monday, December 16, 2019

TWTW - the last one at the shore

Friday  was a solid day - rolled into work a little late in festive plaid pants; had tacos with coworkers at Mission Taqueria; popped into MAC to buy prep-n-prime and Russian Red lipstick and instead of paying $37.5 for those two, I got those plus a gloss for $29.50; had after work drinks with a coworker at on the 60th floor of the Four Seasons; dashed many blocks in the rain to my company party at Barbuzzo which came off super well; attempted McGillin's but it was crowded and people were sweaty and I'm not 25 as evidenced by pulling a muscle in my back at lunch; and fell out around 1 am.
Saturday I was up before clearing the dining room table and putting other shit right at the house, then I tossed the best friend dogs into the car and headed to the shore for my swan song weekend. We went to the beach  that was completely shrouded in fog and had a walk and a run around, then I got my favorite bowl from Bungalow Bowls, started tossing shit and packing shit up, popped around to Bennie's to get lobster bisque to bring home for Sunday dinner, pulled the porch furniture in on the ground level, and we headed back to the beach for quite a long shelling session. It started out gray but the light came back right as the sun was going down and it was fucking magic, like a special parting gift. I ordered from Randazzo's for dinner, finished a great book, and the best friends were totally passed out from so long on the beach both in the afternoon and closer to dark. 
Sunday Up for the sunrise and it was a lovely goodbye for now.
I stopped to get iced coffee on the way home since it was a no making/bringing food from home weekend, finished packing up and emptying fridges and unplugging shit, pulled the upstairs porch furniture inside, took pics of various things, and loaded the best friend dogs up for a final run around on the beach before dropping a book off at the library, taking the trash out, and heading out of town. I filled up with gas and everyone loved Bruce with his head out the window. At home I restored some order, opened packages of Christmas shit and my awesome new strap for my cross body purse, threw dinner and laundry in, ran the dishwasher, and started making 498 grocery lists for the upcoming weeks, 

Weekly food prep: Breakfasts are breakfast burritos from the freezer. Snacks are oranges and key lime bars. Lunches are I'm not sure yet...I only need three and I don't need them until Tuesday so I'll figure that out at the grocery store Monday night. Dinners are ginger ale roasted corned beef that I made Sunday and tonight I'll roast carrots and get some potatoes going and saute some cabbage. I never did quesadillas last week so I think they're happening this week.

This is the first year that I didn't cry driving home on Sunday after closing the shore house down (well, my part...the professionals come today to winterize so there are no busted pipes in the spring). It absolutely is crying time though...I cried both Saturday and Sunday before I left so maybe I got it all out? LOL. It's hard to consciously close a place for a few months where I feel my best and clear my head and am outside more and active more and present more and all of the things that make me a well functioning person. We have plans this year to start doing things every year to make it a viable year round house. Until then it is not an exaggeration or being dramatic to say I'm not my whole self when it's closed and I can't stay there. I'll be back before I know it. 

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