Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Gifts for booknerds

December 4. Say it with me, friends - time flies. Gift giving is not a strength of mine unless it's a Favorite Things type of gift giving where I give people things I like. Not the point, really. I'm also trying my damndest not to be a flippant consumer or buying just to buy or buying plastic shit that will end up in a landfill. All that to say these are some cool things I do love or would love as a reader, and if you have a reader in your life, they might like one of them as well.

In this gifty season, just a reminder that no one wants a gift you have to go into debt for or run to the ends of the earth to get. And if they do, get rid of them and give an extra hug to someone who is amazing in your life instead.

Amazon links are affiliate links - buying through the link costs you nothing and pennies of proceeds go to run Show Us Your Books monthly linkups and prizes to giveaways for the same.

1. Number one always is a book from their desired list if they have one. I don't buy many books anymore, but I have a list of books I keep that I can't find at the library so I'll have to buy if I want to read, a list of books I've read and want to own (small), and a list of books that are available via kindle only. If your reader is also a listy reader, inquire within.

2. If your reader is a bibliophile who collects books, a personalized embosser is an awesome idea. This one on etsy.
3. Kindle paperwhite (affiliate link) - No colored covers or fanciness, but you can 100% always read in the sun while wearing polarized sunglasses and never miss a word. Also waterproof (can verify, unfortunately for me/fortunately for you).

4. For the feminist reader: well-read woman bookmark, anonymous bookmark, badass book club tee, strong female characters tee.

5. For library lovers: a donation in their name to Friends of _________Library. Insert their local library. Library card bookmarks, library squad t-shirt, support your local library t-shirt,
6. Mugs because do you even know me? Bookish soul, Go away I'm reading, Fuck off I'm reading. I had to refrain from purchasing these three while I was pulling this together. 
7. For the person who would rather be reading than doing whatever they're doing out in public (i.e. me): I closed my book to be here t-shirt.
 8. Rechargeable booklight (affiliate link). This is the one I use. Perfect for porch reading in the summer or any time after someone else has gone to sleep. 

9. For the kids: personalized reading corner sign, personalized library tote, Readers are Leaders t-shirt.

10. A gift certificate to an independent book store. Tickets to see an author speak in person (check to see if your library or local bookstore has a series). A January date for lunch after you put a donation for the Prison Book Program together together. A donation to Room to Read.

Drop your ideas in the comments.

REMINDER! Show Us Your Books is this Tuesday, Dec 10. The Show UsYour Books Favorite Reads of 2017 is Friday, Dec 27. 

Happy birthday to my uncle Billy today!

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