Monday, December 9, 2019

TWTW - the one with the party and the purging

Friday  Sunrise with the best friend dogs before work.
Lunch errands to the library and post office, visited my mother in law, painted my nails (Essie Blue Rhapsody and OPI Go with the Lava Flow), and a 5 pm romp on the beach to shake off the week and kick off the weekend. I went to the Ocean City Christmas parade, my first time since we bought the house in 2015. It was 20 minutes long and no one cheered except for a hilarious lady with a to go cup of something who yelled out OKAY LITTLE MISS OCEAN CITY / MRS. NEW JERSEY / FIREMAN / KIDS SINGING etc. People were hauling ass so photos were a blur. I got the impression that you could put on some holiday attire and just join the route but I could be wrong. I closed the night out reading.
Saturday I was up all night coughing so I slept in until 8:30. Showered, cleaned up a bit, took the dogs to the beach for a walk, ran errands for my mother in law, packed the car, and was on the way to Philly by 1. We popped in to my nephew's second birthday party a few weeks in advance of his second birthday and I was couch bound until Santa drove by on a truck and I forced my nephew to come outside and wave with me. I was in bed reading soon after. I felt pretty fucking terrible all day. 

Sunday Up at 6:20 which was absolutely not in the plans. I drank the coffee and changed the sheets and did the house laundry and began sorting and purging the basement for a Monday morning pickup of donations and trash. We're doing a bit of a reconfiguration in the basement because we're not using the space. If this sounds familiar it's because we've done it before LOL. The back room used to be a second living area and we made it an office that has not gotten used so now we're going to go back to a sitting area but with a desk in it. The front room was my reading room and has since been a dumping spot for shit and we're going to make that more livable like it used to be as well. The entire basement needs painting and a new floor but that's not happening now. Anyway it's a fucking disaster in progress down there and it has been since I've been working on it in dribs and drabs. The fight continues.
Weekly food prep: Breakfasts are breakfast burritos from the freezer. Snacks are power breakfast muffins. Lunches are greek bowls. Dinners are deconstructed chicken parm (used thighs instead of breasts) with a salad. When that runs out dinner is maybe quesadillas? I haven't gotten that far.

Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books with giveaways - see you back here for that. 

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