Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - maybe I'll count the stars until dawn

Fighting a cold. Elderberry syrup made with local honey is the real MVP. I use Crunchy Betty's recipe.

Resting a lot. Rest is the best healer. All dogs are down with it.

Appreciating being able to work from home. 

Drinking medicine balls from starsucks. I’m not a Starbucks person for a lot of reasons but when they’re right they’re dead right. This cup situation at the one near my office is so not right though.

Listening to Sam Elliott on Armchair Experts. First, I’m not a podcast listener so this is news, second holy crap Sam Elliott is 75. 

Spending an unexpected night at the shore last night. I had to mobilize myself late in the day, shredding my night, so this is late. Also I did not secure my micellar water and it leaked all over my clothes but I didn't realize that until this morning so I was in the dark as to why there were patchy wet spots on all of my shit last night. 

Getting a batch of breakfast burritos made and in the freezer before I left last night. I wanted to leave the kitchen looking like who did it and ran but that’s against my nature so I cleaned that shit up.

Pulling lyrics from Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton for the title. My favorite Christmas songs are not the typicals because (no surprise) I am not a Christmas music listener. I listen like two days before and the day of. 

Sharing links for your consideration: Ohio bill orders doctors to reimplant ectopic pregnancy or face murder charges (FYI reimplanting an ectopic pregnancy is many things but chief among them is impossible); your republican senators can't bring one damn bill to the floor of the 400+ that have passed the house but they sure as hell are stacking the courts with inexperienced idiots like this one who oppose fertility treatments (after these first two I seriously hope not a damn person thinks women are equal out there); your president being a buffoon on the world stage makes us less secure, which is the opposite of what all of his supporters allegedly desire.

Feeling some sort of way about people who want to cut benefits like SNAP from other citizens but have never uttered a goddamn thing about corporate welfare and how that and catering to the rich has killed the middle class over the last 50 years. Getting behind taking away things you think other citizens shouldn't have because they should work like you do instead of looking at what corporate welfare and tax % for the rich started under Regan have done to the bottom 99% is like pissing in the wind.

Hoping no one is breaking their ass to do all the things and make this the most magical month ever. Slow down. It’s still going to be good, I promise. You don't have to pull off a Christmas miracle to be a good person, parent, etc. I said more on this on Instagram.

Reminding you that happiness starts with you. Not with anyone else.

Laughing at this. Distractions, there are a few.


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