Monday, September 10, 2018

TWTW - the one with the wedding

Friday was sunrise, bike ride, a few coffee mishaps (all bought cups, all weak), a Bungalow Bowl, finishing a book on the beach, cleaning the house for weekend renters, scrubbing oil stains off the driveway from the grill,  having the exterminator in and the mini-split duct unit serviced, taking off in a hurry because Gus was home not doing well, and lounging around before a 10 pm bed time.

Saturday was waking up expecting to call for Gus to be put to sleep but having him help with laundry instead, Bruce drinking my freaking coffee every time I left the room, a trip to HomeGoods to use my 20% off from my aunt Dawn (some of my haul in the fourth photo, I got shore stuff too), hitting the post office to pick up a package, picking up water ice at Rita's for MFD, and rolling up just in time to see his face on the side of a truck. 
 We headed up to Pottstown in the late afternoon to see Gail & Shawn tie the knot. It was awesome and I remember the day they reconnected and saying it's all happening and here it is, actually happening. 
Sunday was a 6 am wakeup then going back to sleep until 9:30, hanging with the dogs, opening my new work bag from Portland Leather Goods, and getting groceries delivered from Target via Shipt. 
A Ferko bowling fundraiser at Pinsetter's. 
Another trip to HomeGoods to exchange organizers I bought Saturday that were not the right size. Always more interesting with MFD in tow.
Weekly food prep: breakfast is broccoli egg bake, lunch is turkey burgers out of the freezer with a side of red peppers, snacks are plums and yogurt, dinner is salmon casserole (MFD's birthday meal that never got made last week, he was the cook yesterday) and I don't know what else. Pork loin, maybe? With rice? We'll see.

Good wishes to my friends celebrating! 

Tomorrow is Show Us Your Books! See you back here for that. 

How was yours? 

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