Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - here comes the story of the hurricane

1. I hate hurricane season. While I am of course relieved and happy that the shore won't get a direct hit, I'm really anxious for those who are in the line of fire. I don't want it to make landfall anywhere. All the prayer hands to those in Flo's path.

2. Speaking of the shore, I'm working from down there tomorrow because I need to go down and clean the house tonight. Hopefully I don't find the porches too wet or trashed from last weekend's storm.

3. Is there a reason for driving around with a shaded license plate aside from being an asshole driver or criminal who wants to make it harder for people to see their plate? I'm being serious, is there a legitimate reason?

4. Tuesday I called my hair salon to reschedule my hair appointment next week. I was bummed because it's hard to get an appointment with Kristi because she's totally awesome and always in high demand. Here my freaking appointment was last night, not next Wednesday. My calendar is a fright fest right now but this is one thing I'm glad I fucked up. Thanks Kristi for fixing me up!

5. Four days of carrying a work bag and lunch bag and no purse. It's been weird. I am constantly worried I'm going to forget something because I don't have a purse....specifically my keys.

6. Gus is doing a lot of sleeping, but still going. It's hard, watching them decline and knowing that it's not time yet but that it's coming. Even the boy has laid off of him a little. Bruce is completely obsessed with Gus.

7. Rooting for Cynthia Nixon in NY today. Thinking about but not writing about Serena and how racist misogynists are amping up the angry black woman caricature and they can all fuck off handily; your president's supreme court nominee referring to birth control as abortion at a hearing and not one spineless motherfucker demanding he not even come to a vote because of that gross ignorance (please call your senators on this); and $9.8 million from FEMA being diverted to ICE (not just FEMA though, all in ICE has quietly gotten an additional $200 million) so this administration can kidnap and jail children and pay the private prison companies they are in cahoots with.

8. It's not often that I give beauty tips, but this is a sure way to not be ugly. Thanks to Christy for sharing this gem:

9.  Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

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