Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Things I miss

Being everywhere in public without hearing people on phone calls. Can I say how much I fucking hate hearing people on phone calls on the train, walking on the sidewalk, in Dunkin Donuts, in the car, everywhere. This has given everyone an over-inflated sense of importance.

Being unreachable as a standard: when you went away on vacation or left the house or left the office you were unreachable. Period. Being reachable has made people feel constantly in demand and has given everyone an over-inflated sense of importance.

People having to discuss things face to face, not on the internet

Getting the Scholastic Book Fair flyer

Doing research at the library vs. on google: your brain is forced to work in an entirely different way

My body when it didn't have elbow or neck pain, and being flexible as a standard not stiff as a standard

Penny candy stores - not the bulk stores we have now where absolutely nothing is a penny

Knowing another John Hughes movie is coming soon

A president who can speak intelligently and with great emotion and be inspirational and knowledgeable about how things work

The full lineup of Saturday morning cartoons

I'd like to say that I miss racists hiding under rocks, but that doesn't eradicate racism and the POC  living daily with this systemic bullshit would continue to suffer so scratch that.

Getting a roll of film back and laughing like a loon at the outtakes

What do you miss? 

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