Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - morning has broken

Biking everywhere.

Writing this on the same morning I'm publishing it. I started blogging that way back in 2011, but as time went on I found it harder to throw something together in the mornings. I still love writing live more. It's truly a reflection of the morning mood, not what I anticipate my mood might be the next morning; and a gauge of what I'm thinking about in the moment, not what I was thinking about last night.

Sitting on porches with dogs.

Riding in cars with dogs.
Roaming free on beaches with dogs.

Tiring dogs right the fuck out.

Wishing my smartest sassiest cutest goddaughter a very happy birthday today.

Painting the kitchen ceiling and bathroom ceilings at the shore. Priming, that is. They need to be gone over with Killz-ish primer every once in a while because it's so humid down here.

Hoping my diatomaceous earth concoction will draw the oil spills up out of the driveway from renters using the grill.
Sprucing up the apartment porch.

Spending time on the beach with MFD, which has been rare this year. He goes home this morning and takes the dogs.

Sweating my ass off. It's been excessively humid this week.

Reading:  I finished a book Thursday night and have read three more since then. I'll finish the fourth today - an advanced reader copy of the newest from Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones and The Six. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. I love my book tees but this one has become a painting tee.

Thanking the universe that I spend so many mornings sitting alone on the beach at dawn. When I get there my mind is whirring but after about 15 minutes without even realizing it I exhale and there is just peace, no matter what is going on. I've needed that a lot this year. 

Counting down the days until this election is over. 61. 

Wondering if someone is wearing the flip flops I lost Tuesday. I was on the beach, moved my chair closer to the water, and when I came back they were gone. I'm glad it was an old pair.  

Reminding us all:

E-carding: Plans for the next two days minus cleaning up the house for weekend renters, putting another coat of primer on the ceilings, and continuing the DE experiment.

What's new with you?

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