Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee

1. I wouldn't say I'm having a midlife crisis, but I am absolutely in a life re-evaluation period. Specifically, what I own and why, what I buy and why, what motivates my purchases, how I use what I own, how my consumption impacts the environment, if my happiness has gotten too related to and dependent on things. I am not full on Marie Kondo-ing, but I'm getting close. I know I'm on to something because every small thing that leaves my house makes me feel incrementally lighter mentally and spiritually. I can't argue with that. I've always been a purger and organizer but I've not approached it like this before - I never thought about halting the buying portion of the cycle, was never as ruthless as I thought I was being, and never examined my motives for buying beyond because I like it and because I can. It's interesting and enlightening and good, hard, introspective self-work, which I haven't done in a while. Stay tuned.

2. In regards to selling things: someone please explain to me the psychology of the person who says they are going to buy something, sets a time to meet/pick up, then never shows up. Does that give this person some type of perverse joy? Why say you want it, go through the trouble of setting up a meeting place and time, not show up, and never acknowledge it again? I don't get it. That’s only happened once but it really perplexed me. Overall selling stuff has actually been fun and I've met/interacted with really nice people. I used to do yard sales then stopped selling altogether and donated. This time I’m selling here and there but if it’s a hassle that stops.

3. I'm working from the shore today and tomorrow.  I'm considering taking off tomorrow. I'm not sure yet. I'm getting some windows re-screened this afternoon. I've lived in my house at home for nine years and never gave a thought to the screens. Screens at the shore take an absolute beating with storm debris and such. Suddenly the previous owners having all these screening materials in the closet makes perfect sense. LOLOL My goal in the off-season is to learn to re-screen myself. It seems easy watching videos, but I am not in a position to fuck around with a learning curve a few weeks before Memorial Day. I'll save that for October.

4. Bruce is with me and MFD has Gus and Mae at home. I'm sure they're happy to have a break from this puppy. LOL forever.

5. I really, really, really love salt. Like way more than a person who knows how bad sodium is for you should. I barely use regular table salt anymore and have been out of Himalayan pink salt for a while. I just got a refill for my grinder. Happy days are here again.

6. I haven't previously used affiliate links on this blog, but I'm going to start for Amazon to cover Show Us Your Books link up costs and hosting costs for the year. That means if you click on a link to something here that directs you to Amazon and you buy through that link, I get a few cents. I never got the point then thought hmm...I probably could have covered the link up costs if I wasn't so anti-affiliate link. While I never feel the need to explain myself to people, I also usually don't mind giving an insight into why I changed my mind on something. Speaking of Show Us Your Books, it was bumping this month! As of yesterday, 56 linker uppers. I hope you go back and read the people that link up later.

7. Since I take up a lot of space bitching about the weather, let me just comment on how super deluxe it's been this week. It's absolutely glorious windows open sleeping weather, which means it's hard to get up from the nice cocoon in the morning. I'd rather close my eyes and take deep breaths of the sweet spring air.

8. I haven't explicitly stated it in a while and don't want anyone thinking I've come to a place of acceptance: I fucking hate this government, everything they're doing and not doing, and the things they stand for and what they don't stand for. When I think about it I feel my face physically pinch and age around the eyes and in my cheek bones as I grit my teeth. Iran, the absolute mess of a State Department, the ridiculous bullying platform that is basically the opposite of what the POTUS himself uses twitter for, just fucking all of it.

9. Reminder: How you know I didn't make this - shit isn't just allowed to be

10. E-card of the week: Happy Mother's Day to all of you who mom in any way.

I didn’t blog yesterday, so happy birthday to my stepdad Rich a day late!


  1. Yes to all the purging, I think as I get older I'm getting more serious about slowing the buying process as well. yeah, if I really wanted something my booty would be there picking it up and not wasting people's time. I don't even deal with the selling I just donate it all. lose out on the money but save my time. The weather looks gorgeous there, finally!!!

  2. I go in phases with the purging and am in purge mode now -- just need to figure out what to do with the items being chosen/purged. We had a few nice days of spring temps but the 90s are coming this weekend and I'm so not ready for it.

    I completely missed out on the past two SUYBs -- last month it was because I hadn't read "enough" to make a post worthwhile and this month because I haven't read a book since the month before.

    Does Himalayan Pink Salt taste different than regular table salt?

  3. You should amazon link the books, definitely. You don't make much but it will cover your expenses, which would be worth it. I only hate affiliate links if a blogger is constantly promoting stuff they don't care about, but when it comes to books, I'd actually appreciate an amazon link so I can see the cover and read more reviews.
    #1 is awesome, you know how much I love purging and not shopping :)
    I have a salt problem too. I always say that I don't have a sweet tooth, I can go the rest of my life without sugar without issue, but salt, salt is a major problem for me.

  4. Rent references, omg yes, we just became best friends. I have a blog post about Rent going up next week, coincidentally.
    I am SO WITH YOU on point number one... I am in a massive simplifying phase at home. I am throwing out and donating crap left and right and it feels so good.

  5. I love the vantage you're taking for the purging of things! Glad it's continuing to make you feel good on the inside because that's what's most important.
    I have NO idea why people say they want things and then don't show! I've had that happen when giving things away, for free! Sometimes people jsut don't show and I'm like "I am literally GIVING this to you" ughhh just rude. On a semi related note, our neighbors had a landscaper scheduled to come see their place to give an estimate. The guy texted that he was outside....and never showed up! WTF!!!

  6. I am such a salt-a-holic myself. People usually laugh how often I shake the shaker... cant get enough. I too love pink Himalayan salt.
    What is the deal with puppies & the need to sit on others. We have to watch Ernie because he swallows Bruno up now sitting on him & poor Bruno being blind & never seeing Ernie has no idea what's happening.

  7. The ocean breeze is wonderful and also ruthless, lol. I thought living in Virginia I was prepared but we are only 1 1/2 miles as the crow files from the ocean where I am in South Carolina and even here this humid ocean climate has an effect. We have more bugs (termites & roaches) and the entire outside of every house takes a beating from the constant humidity. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way, but so many people who move here are like hey why didn't anyone tell me about this! haha And of course living right on the beach comes with a whole other host of fun home improvement issues :)

  8. I love the self-/thing-reevaluation that you're doing. At night and on weekends I'm always SO tired but I want to approach the *stuff* in my house like this, too. That said, K is very much made happy by things. Not all things but he is fairly materialistic and he owns that. Lol. I force him to purge and donate, too, though.
    Enjoy your shore days and that puppy :) I vote you take tomorrow off...

  9. I need to get ruthless with my organization but I despise cleaning. And okay, organizing too. :D But you're right that it does make you feel better. It's weird how cleaning and purging your kitchen cabinets feels so good. Poor Gus. I do find it cute when dogs sit on one another though, probably because I'm not the one being sat on! I hate everything about this current administration. I hate that some people are shrugging their shoulders about it too. Your e-card is freaking hilarious.

  10. I need to get ahold of my buying. At the end of the month I am usually like, where did all that money go? I have been purging on the reg, so good for the soul. As is the weather you are having, enjoy it. And keep resisting!

  11. I am starting to get into purging mode, too. I really need to tackle my closet - just need a weekend to do so. This government is garbage. There's nothing good to be said.

  12. I have been in a phase the last few years of only buying things that I really love. And trying to take the approach in my closet and home...if I saw this in stores, would I buy this today? Wow, how many things I say hell no to when I ask myself that question.

  13. isn't it amazing how ridding ourselves of the things that no longer serve us physically can lift such a burden spiritually??

  14. ever consider an online book swap? I have so many books to trade or swap. Pam :)

  15. Bruce certainly is living up to his namesake's nickname - The Boss! I laughed myself silly looking at the picture of him sitting on the other dog. He is too much! LOL! Glad you are enjoying the weather. Here in KY, it feels as if we extended winter, skipped over spring, and went straight to summer. Geez...

  16. Cheers to finding a way to get rid of the things you don't like, so important.

    ALSO< yes to salt. YES PINK!!

  17. I was totally in a life re-evaulating period this winter and it was also pertaining to my "things" and "stuff". I got rid of SO much stuff that was just so "meh" to me and I just kept because I didn't hate it. and just like you I felt so much lighter in so many ways.

    I personally think we should all have frequent life re-evaulating periods, honestly. it's good to every once in a while stop doing what we always do and actually ask ourselves why we always do it. just my two cents. :)

  18. I kind of want a hashtag like #pugssittingonpugs to trend on instagram. LOL at the pugs. LOVE them the most. I think the shore is an excellent place to do life evaluation. I have zero tolerance for people who waste other people's time and I really don't understand that on the buy/sell thing. I LOVE that fear quote. Can we send it to all the trumpers and bigots who use fear as an excuse to mistreat others?

  19. It's no shore, but we are heading to the lake at the end of this week and I'm so excited for a little extra fresh air. I'm excited to hear more about this reevaluation of things and simplifying. Everything I open my closet, I'm overwhelmed and I love getting rid of stuff, but I'm struggling with clothes.

  20. Obsessed with your dogs. Also, I've been meaning to try the pink salt--how is it??

  21. Getting rid of stuff is the BEST when it comes to just feeling lighter. I've been moving some stuff around and decluttering, and I feel like it's shaking up stagnant energy or something.

    I'm so glad I read this post today because I just decided last night that I want to try out Kindle Unlimited, and I wanted to find someone who was an affiliate so they'd get the credit for me signing up! (I think I get 2 or 3 bucks when someone does, but I obviously can't earn from my own links.) It took me FOREVER to feel ok about doing affiliate links, too, mostly because so many bloggers use them in a gross way, like when they post "I am absolutely loving THIS SWEATER (link)" without posting an image so you have to click through if you want to see. But I feel like when you're recommending books to avid readers, an Amazon link is totally justified.

    TL;DR - gimmie yo link so you get dollars when I sign up for the thing!


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