Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - how many years can a mountain exist before it's washed to the sea?

1. Painting Monday night: a bench and one of only two closets in this 118 year old house. Guess which one was more exciting?

2. How to lose friends and alienate people: This is not an isolated incident for this vehicle and our driveway at the shore. Last year, diplomacy. This year, woman on the warpath. Guess which one comes more naturally?

3. I'm sucking wind. Lots going on at work, trying to keep up at home, and back and forth to prepare for our soft open at the shore, which is what I consider Memorial Day weekend to be - to get me back in the landlord frame of mind and put the house on notice that it's time to shape up. Spring felt like only a week long this year so we were behind on a lot down there but we're in solid shape now, with only wish list items left to do after this weekend. I'm looking forward to another season of nice people staying with us, three of the weeks are returning guests and the rest are just friends we haven't met yet.

4. Tuesday night I went to bed at 11, was up at 4:30, then up at 5 for good. I was on the 5:45 train in to work Wednesday, home to clean up and pack up and to the shore by 9. My dogs were like wild jackal assholes and I was grumpy as fuck by 10:30 last night. So at 11 pm I jumped on my bike still wearing my work dress and took a ride on the deserted boardwalk to blow the stink off the day.

5. Fuck trump's domestic gag rule, fuck every person who said no one was coming after women's rights when this chump got elected, fuck the NFL for their new national anthem policy, fuck every member of congress standing in silence while trump attacks the rule of law that is vital to keeping us from authoritarianism. Fuck the non-response to Santa Fe and all the other school shootings. Fuck facebook for defaulting everything I share to public again, just about fucking done with facebook.

6. Sweet haul from the OCNJ library earlier this week. Rest in peace Philip Roth. I studied him in my Jewish Lit class in college and enjoyed his work. Thanks for your stories. That's Roth, Anita Shreve, and Tom Wolfe this year already. Damn.

7. Anyone else have a partner obsessed with grass growing like it is akin to inventing fire? Kim, I've already counted you up there.

8. I made zucchini pie and egg roll in a bowl Tuesday. Neither are winning awards for prettiness but both are damn good.

9. Reminder:
10. E-card of the week: I'm ready. You? I'm hoping for an early dismissal tomorrow to make it a three point fiver.

Go get 'em today, tiger. 


  1. Anita Shreve died? I missed that.

    We don't have three-day weekend, but we did last weekend and I'm off next week. I am so, so ready for it!

  2. Definitely FUCK all of that stuff you said - I'm so disappointed in the NFL. Egg roll in a bowl is one of my favorite easy weeknight meals. I hope your soft-opening goes well this weekend!

  3. The ecard! needed! So needed! Good luck with the soft opening!

  4. I am SO possessive when it comes to parking. Don't park in front of my house unless you live here or I invited you. And don't EVER EVER EVER block my driveway. I get insta-rage over that stuff.
    I need to try the egg roll in a bowl...
    Our yard is new and my husband has been obsessive over the grass. I kind of love it, though. He bought a new mower this month and I haven't had to get on him about chores so I'll take it. Hahahaha.

  5. The driveway would make me rage. We don't have one, obvi, city living and all, but my parents do and work trucks do that all the time and I don't know how they don't snap.

  6. Seriously that vehicle is playing with fire. I'm pretty chill most of the time, but on the wrong day, I'd be calculating how much my insurance would increase and my abilities as an actress and ram that stupid SUV. Everything about that asshole in the white house pisses me off. And I'm also starting to get real pissed at the media bending to his will and let him create the narrative. It scares me. That ecard is the very best.

  7. I wish we had early dismissal, but we never do. Sigh. At least it'll be quiet- half my office already took tomorrow off. Your week sounds like a whirlwind, but hooray for 3-day weekend, and almost having everything done at the shore!

  8. #7 YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS why oh why? I blame my FIL, because apparently he was the same way but...just why?

  9. A big hearty middle finder to the driveway blocker and all that fucked up shit in #5. Egg roll in a bowl is so yummy and ugly! Hoping for an early dismissal for you!

  10. Oh Jesus, #2.....I would be batshit. I feel like egg roll in a bowl isn't for me, I love the wrapping of the egg roll. That zucchini situation looks amazing. Love the pink bench!

  11. CANNOT STAND WHEN PEOPLE PARK LIKE THAT. I've got a neighbor who does the same and I'm about to have to follow in your warpath footsteps.

  12. OMG I would totally have that vehicle towed--especially if it is a multi-time offender. Ridiculous! It's not even the height of the season!!!
    I agree with each and EVERY thing in Number 5. I seriously had to take a break from the news because it makes my blood pressure rise. Literally. And also, I feel depressed. I need a reset button.
    I hope your MDW is nice!

  13. I'm so with you on #5.
    I hope you can sort things with your inconsiderate parking neighbor!

  14. I am done with the NFL, POTUS, and just all of it. You said it right. Fuck it all.

  15. Did Trump even acknowledge the Santa Fe shooting aside from saying "this looks bad!" or whatever moronic thing he wrote on Twitter the day it happened? What a fuckface. And that NFL thing is making me see RED.

  16. Trump and NFL are both making me see red this week. It's funny to me that people want to force others to stand during the anthem but get twitchy when they mention stricter gun laws. The world is a funny place. Protect our guns, force people to do what they think should happen, but kids dying is no biggie.

  17. I love the colors in your shore house. They are perfect. And if there's another Kim out there obsessed with grass (that isn't) growing, we should have a meetup. Wait 'til the fall when I break my ankle with strap-on aerator shoes!

    Commenting from the future: Thursday Steph should stay away from the news until Tuesday. Just saying. It gets no better.

  18. Sucks we didn't have great weather this weekend.
    Do you work in the city.. that must be a crazy commute..
    My husband is obssessed with the grass.. we have a lot more grass than what we started out with but we still have a few bald patches and a ton of crab grass and he is a man obsessed with grass.. i have never half listened to so many conversations about grass.

  19. 'friends we haven't met yet' - love it! so cool you have so many returning guests. people parking over the driveway would drive me nuts. KC would be on the warpath with like a baseball bat. he's totally a 'get off my lawn and any other piece of my property' kind of guy. and yes he's obsessed with the grass and everything related to it. the egg roll in a bowl looks amazing and i have found the uglier meals tend to taste better haha.

  20. If he figures out how to grow grass, I need some tips. Fertilizer recommendations? I'll take them, too.


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