Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - I was open to pain and crossed by the rain and I walked on a crooked crutch

1. With the office reno, I've been down the shore more during the week than on the weekend and while I haven't had a full day to kick around and do nothing down here, I can't say I hate it. It's quiet during the week. I can still sneak my dog on the beach in what is now no dog on the beach ever season which I think is absurd. And who wouldn't want to end a Wednesday like this?
2. There was also house work, of course, it being May. I actually had MFD down. He was down exactly twice in April, once on Easter weekend and once for a quick back and forth to drop something off. While I worked yesterday he cleaned up the outside shit from the shower and behind the house and cleaned and set up our porch. After work we moved the dresser up to the main floor and I put the closet back together from the painting I did last weekend. We still need to move the dresser up to the second floor and hang a mirror when I take a break for lunch today. We did little stuff in our apartment like finally hang an arm like the one we have upstairs in the house so we can hang six things up. It's the little things. I also moved some stuff around which is the story of my life.

3. There was also ice cream. This is a hard season for us. I am not one of those  everything in my relationship is perfect we go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong people. I think those people do a disservice to everyone else. Perfection does not exist and to imply it can or does is an insult to everyone else out there doing their best. Some days that best is slicing through the glittering water on a marvelous boat and some days it is swimming against the current in a river of shit.

4. It's the first time I've had all three dogs at the shore in a while instead of just Bruce, and all three of course sleep all up in my grill and MFD has plenty of room to move.

5. Nails: Rimmel 60 Seconds Red Hot Chili Pepper.

6. From the never say never file: I was all I am never instagram storying and here I am, Instagram storying.

7. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday! Super light reading month for me so I will not need a lot of time to write that one. When my brain needs a break I say here, have one.

8. We are in dangerous territory, America. Re: Kanye's recent shit. Re: Michelle Wolf/Sarah Huckabee Sanders. 

9. Reminder: There is always a choice, even when it doesn't feel like it.

10. E-card of the week: Who's with me?

What's new with you?

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  1. number 10 is ME THIS WEEK. Love that nail color, too.

  2. Amen to #3. Glad share the good and the bad. We've talked about the disservice pretending everything is rosy can be to everyone. Lots of bright light to you during this season.

    Love the ecards, as usual.

  3. Nothing is ever perfect, pretending it is only makes the good seem less attainable for me. I am still baffled by your dog laws. I commented on instagram that here dogs aren't allowed on the beach from 10 am to 5 pm but honestly no dog (and usually not me) wanted to be on a beach in South Carolina during those hours anyway. Too hot and too much sun. Number 8 is so true. I try not to engage in fruitless conversations on social media but I was dragged in to one yesterday and I just kept thinking this can't be true, people can't actually think this is normal. But, here are people defending it.

  4. I am currently angry because the ice machine downstairs in my office is out of ice and my Trunk Club stylist is taking too long to get my trunk choices to me, so I get that eCard. Also, I am aware these are terrible first world problems, but I'm annoyed nonetheless. I love that bike pic.

  5. That e-card is me in a nutshell. I appreciate those who don't pretend things are perfect. There are rough seasons in every relationship... we have gone through many in 10 years. Sending all the good vibes your way.

  6. LOL I was about to text you this morning, calling you out on your Instagram stories, but I was waiting til a more decent hour and then I forgot. Glad you did it yourself.

  7. Yessss. The first half of the week so far has definitely been a separating coffee filters puts me over the edge kind of week.

  8. Oh gosh, America is just...I can't with this. That Orwell quote is SO spot on! I don't get people at all. Use your brains!

    But anyway, ice cream season. I love it. It's not the best for ME, but I love it. ;)

    Ooh love your nails too. :)


  9. I appreciate your honesty, although I would never expect anything less from you. I believed the perfection myth for a long time (and paid the price for it too) and hope this season passes by quickly for you and MFD. #8 makes my blood boil. Mae might have the best resting bitch face I've ever seen on a dog. #10 happens to me more often than I care to admit!

  10. It's been a superlight reading month for me, too.

    I adore Michelle Wolf (I saw her at Punchline in February) and love what she had to say. Kanye is off his fucking rocker. And what has me even more fired up than that shit, besides Guiliani admitting that 45 paid Cohen back, is all of this NFL cheerleader nonsense. My brain continues to be on fire and I'd like to go one goddamn day without hearing something else that fuels it.

  11. I totally agree with you about relationships never being perfect! I always feel like those people are hiding something or just showing the good side for social media because two completely different people aren’t going to be happy all the time with each other.

  12. Ice cream always makes things better! I love that nail polish!'s been a light reading month for me, too! I just couldn't get interested in anything!

  13. That's really sad that dogs have been banned from the beach for this season :(
    Your #3 is so true. We're in a good season right now and I'm trying to enjoy it for what it is because when shit hits the fan- and I know it will- it goes EVERYWHERE.
    That George Orwell quote is on. point.

  14. Goddess and Godspeed to you and Mike Doyle. Love you both to infinity and beyond. You both do so much good💜💙😇😇🕊🕊🦄✨
    Love. Your. Momma.

  15. You must be so happy to be spending more time at the shore! It looks beautiful on your Instagram stories which I have been enjoying by the way. I am here for a good instastory whether it's a bandwagon or not! Thanks for the marriage honesty. If things were good all the time it would be creepy - but with that said, I hope you get back to a good patch again soon!

  16. Going through hard seasons (alone or in a marriage) is so necessary to growing and growing up. If everything always stays the same, you'll never get anywhere. Your honesty is appreciated because most bloggers don't talk about it.

    This was a heavy reading month for me, which almost never happens lol.

  17. i am sorry about the hard season. i also think people who act like everything is perfect all the time are (lying but also) doing everyone else a disservice. i think it's healthy to have ups and downs and want to kill each other occasionally. joking. but ice cream, yay. is that your yellow bike? if so, i love it. i want one. we don't live in a bike friendly city, but my neighbourhood is and i live right near my grocery so maybe i could occasionally ride there? i just want a bike lol.
    i must admit when you first started instagram story-ing, i thought it was someone playing a prank on you again lol but i am loving it! i don't watch a lot of peoples, but i love yours. in a non creepy way.
    i've not read a lot of great books this time so i won't have much to say on tuesday either! i've been watching downton, so can't read and watch tv at the same time lol

  18. I know all too well about the hard seasons of marriage. My husband and I have had several over the course of our 15 year marriage and each one has been challenging in its own rite and distinctly different from the previous ones. During the last one that happened about 2 years ago, I learned that no marriage is perfect, no matter what it publicly looks like. Some couples are just better at the art of disguise, that's all. It was another reminder of that "don't compare your behind the scene footage to someone else's highlight reel" thing. Best of luck to you during this season. Keep eating the ice cream.

  19. I love that you get to work from the shore while your office is under renovation. Cheers to doggie walks on the beach, cute nail colors, and ice cream indulging! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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