Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - heading for that Golden Gate I hope that I won't be too late

1. Most of my Thursday Thoughts titles reference song lyrics, after the hyphen. This one - San Francisco Days by Chris Isaak - is known to me from The Affair. One of my other favorites - Homecoming by Josh Ritter - is known to me from Billions. Keep it up, soundtracks of Showtime shows.

2. This Thursday Thoughts snuck up on me with being off Monday, getting home from the shore Tuesday night, trying to do all the laundry/make the bed/work at night/order food/be paying attention to MFD's campaign meeting immediately after getting home, packing up to go back to the shore last night after I got my hair done by the fabulous Kristi at Sensational Scissors. I'm looking forward to having tomorrow off.

3. MFD starts canvassing (read: going door to door for those not familiar) this weekend, and this is where we really begin living separate lives. The next two shore weekends are long-planned for me, and after that I am full in on my property manager role. He’ll be door knocking at home with awesome volunteers (Want to be one? Please? A few hours on a Saturday or Sunday once a month or more from June to October?). This separate but together will require a lot of patience and organization and coordination and of course you know I am short on the former, long on the latter two. But Tuesday night after a campaign meeting my most worrisome thought came while I was in the bathroom. When people are in my house and I’m not, will they think we are people who pull toilet paper from underneath? BECAUSE WE’RE FREAKING NOT, regardless of how MFD has put it on. Okay? Please know that. In all seriousness though if you can spare some time to door knock on weekends with his crew or during the week after work with me, or if you can write postcards or make phone calls, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with his campaign manager. You do not need to live in the district to help him get elected. If you’d like to donate, you can do that here.

4. Gus stayed home this weekend. I hated leaving him there but it’s too much for every weekend at the shore due to all the walking. And Bruce Springsteen might have been Born in the USA but he is not good with the people in and out for canvassing. He is completely insane with joy at people coming in and very distracting and jumpy. So I have these two.

5. I hope you all read Abby Wambach's commencement speech for Barnard College and plan on being fucking wolves if you're not already. Also in that family, Abby's wife Glennon's organization Together Rising brought it this week, sorting out the very complicated immigration/kid issues and raising a shit ton of money in no time for those kids. Let's all be good humans.

6. That warms my heart especially with all the racist apologists and excuses going around this week. Every time something like the Roseanne shit goes down, I am reminded that the greater population doesn't know jack shit about free speech and its applications. Every time someone is fired from a private employer as a consequence of their actions people are all FREE SPEECH THOUGH. That’s not how freedom of speech works. You are free to say what you like. You are not free from the consequences among peers and private employers. Freedom of speech exists to protect citizens from government tyranny. Not to protect people refusing to examine the inherent racism in all of us.

7. And all the deaths in Puerto Rico. Things I say every day: it can’t get any worse/this has to be the bottom. But it can and it isn’t.

8. I won’t end on the dumpster fire every single day has become under this circus of an administration that has us watching the Showman while the men behind the curtain  carry out the true goal: systematically dismantling everything that protects the people of this country - consumer protections, education plans, environmental protections, etc. It's fucking nuts. You know what's not? Loving yourself. Thanks Alison for this awesome post and inviting me to be a part of it. I shared it yesterday but I'm sharing it again today because it's powerful. Love yourselves, people. No matter what and despite everything.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

Still not getting comments you leave via email, still raging at blogger.



  1. I was the ultimate gardener yesterday then! I only budged from my recliner to take care of biological necessities.

    Amen to #6! I agree, people just don't get the big picture of free speech - it was not designed by our forefathers as a platform and excuse to be a sexist, a bigot, a racist, or just a plain ol' dick. Ambien tweeting... my ass. If anything, all the Ambien did was loosen her inhibitions so her true colors would show. Kudos to ABC for their swift action and sending a message that this type of behavior is not ok.

    Best of luck in the upcoming months as the campaign revs up. My stepdad held a public office for years and I remember my mom always saying, during the campaigns, that "this too shall pass."

  2. Good luck to you and MFD. This campaign stuff is hard. I did my first phone banking last night and the second person I called told me her husband died yesterday. I'm doing my first canvassing on Saturday and hoping for less emotional results. After watching this I know that I never want to run for office and I'm not sure I want my husband too either.

    I love that free speech to people means free from repercussions. Say what you want, doesn't mean I don't in turn get to call you a jerk and stop watching your show/shopping at your store/etc.

    I really enjoyed Alison's blog yesterday and everyone's thoughts. We're all awesome and we need to remember to tell ourselves that more often :)

  3. The campaign would 100% exhaust me. Best of luck to you and MFD. I'm sending lots of energy your way! Hopefully Gus is feeling a little better after his recuperating weekend. I love that blog post from Alison!
    I'm glad Roseanne lost her job/show. She shouldn't have had it in the first place. Good on celebrities like Abby and Glennon for using their platform for good.

  4. I can't when people scream free speech with stuff like this!! As you said, you can say what you want, sure, but it does not mean that you're free from the repercussions of doing so. It's infuriating. If people spent as much time defending wrongful, nasty, heinous things said about people out of ugliness, instead of focusing on their "right" to say heinous things, we'd be in a much different place.
    Friends and ice cream are the best--100% agree!
    Good luck to you all in this season of politics!!!!

  5. i knew your thursday thoughts were song lyrics but didn't know that you got them from when you were writing the post (i think that's what you said on instagram?). very cool! i love song lyrics as much as i like songs sometimes lol. if i lived locally, i would totally volunteer! maybe i could do postcards? i'm always worried if people come to my house and see something that they will judge me based on something KC has done. like the toilet paper lol. but, KC suffers from 'leaving one square on the roll until wife changes it' so i am normally the one who changes it anyway, so we are safe.
    oh man, the whole free speech thing is hilarious and also ridiculously sad. yes you are free to say what you want... but you will suffer those consequences if you say something your employer doesn't like, you bloody idiot.
    yay to ice cream!

  6. #5...thank you for sharing that on instagram this week!! When things like this happen (all the more, lately, which makes me RAGEY to even have to type that) it's hard to know who to donate to that will take action. I always trust your recommendations!!

  7. The "you monster" on the TP made me legit LOL... it's gotten to the point now where when I find a full roll sitting on an empty roll, I think of you and that you would lose your mind! Love the "loving yourself" post, and found a new blog to read!

  8. All the luck to MFD and his canvassing! Chris totally falls in to the monster category of toilet paper rolls. It's like he doesn't know how to take it off to change or something? Ridiculous. lol

  9. I am never the monster on the TP placement but I’m not nuts about which way it goes. I didn’t get this emailed to me today. Jmj. Love the e cards. Love Abby and Glennon. Love you to infinity and beyond. Your momma.

  10. Hells to the yeah about #5 and 6. I have been educating my mother all week on free speech, first with the kneel rule and then Roseanne. Insert roll eyes. Love that Josh Ritter and his songs! Good luck and lots of hugs to you and MFD during this canvassing time. Oh toilet paper. Rolls eyes again!

  11. I feel the same way about Colin Kaepernick, though. He is complaining that the NFL is "against him". He's free to do/say what he wants. If he never plays football again, that's his consequence, you know? Something similar happened to a Ravens' player last year...his gf spouted off about the team being racist, so the team dropped him (after they had just hired him, a black player). Anyway...I don't know why I pay more attention to the NFL politics than the general arena of politics.

    Good luck with the canvassing! That sounds exhausting.

    (We're all raging at Blogger.)

  12. I love billions, even if the main character was brody on homeland and I hated him then.

  13. I am on season TWO of Billions. Loving the show. Love Chuck and Love Axe. I swear I don't know who to root for each week. It's maddening for me.

  14. I live with two monsters and sometimes the roll never gets put on because I HATE being the only one that puts it on. RAGE. I did see Blogger acknowledge the problem on the forums yesterday, so we'll see how long it takes them to fix it. I went ahead and commented on my blog like a tool and checked Notify Me, received the comment via email so we'll see if I get anybody else's.

  15. I'm still trying to figure out why the PR story is still buried. WHERE IS THE NEWS? WHERE IS THE MEDIA? WHERE IS THE RAGE? I wish I lived closer so I could canvass for MFD. God, we need to toss out all those humans and start over. And MFD seems like a good place to start.

  16. A fresh hair cut always feel great! Sounds like some busy months for you and MFD ahead with different responsibilities to take care of. I think it's really awesome how MFD is getting out there and putting so much effort into campaigning and canvassing. I wish him success! LOL @ the toiler paper funny! Even though it shouldn't be funny I always laugh at all the photos you post of things that have been "Bruced". What is a little mischievous guy! :|

  17. LOL the toilet paper thing. Leo rips ours like he's some rabid animal so it's dangling and all torn up. THAT, to me, is even worse than having it the wrong way.


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