Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - All I can say is that my life is pretty plain I like watching the puddles gather rain

1. I was supposed to go to the shore Tuesday night and come back tonight. I never ended up going which puts me a little behind on getting shit done before Memorial Day. I bought touch up paint at least? Every year without fail we hurtle towards Memorial Day and I have way more painting to do than I thought. This year was tough...too cold to paint for much of the spring. Kim asked where I was in our daily email saying she can't keep track if I'm home or at the shore. You and me both sister. My schedule has been hard this week for where I have to be when and with something Friday night and Saturday night, I won't get there until Sunday at the earliest.

2. Seriously though how the fuck is it almost Memorial Day? My legs have been bare like once and I'm still living in a sweatshirt most days.

3. I still need to get my front flowers planted at home. Maybe Saturday? I attempted to buy cheap hanging baskets at Aldi but when I got there it looked like a crime scene so no dice. I used to send MFD for hanging baskets until he started overbuying and our small patch of front yard looked like The Land of the Misfit Hanging Plants.

4.  I bought new food for Mae based on the name as if it was a bottle of wine or something. In other dog news, we've been cozy inside most of the week due to the rain, it's still superb sleeping weather according to Gus, and Bruce is head butting the flowers out back so they have to be relocated. He is also personally offended by the existence of puddles.

5. I've lived here for over 14 years and I spent 30 minutes driving around Tuesday night trying to get to two post offices within three miles of my house that were open after 5. Using GPS. Couldn't find either damn one. Pathetic. But whatever, it's fine, because then I had to go Wednesday and I was there at the same time as my BFF Michelle so that was special.

6. Are you following Shaun King? If you think all the race shit coming to light is made up, you need to be following him. That link is to his website which will give you all his links. Read his stories and investigative journalism. Open your mind and your eyes.

7. Primary day is over. MFD ran unopposed in the primary. Voter turnout was good. Now we strap in for the general election in November when he runs against the republican incumbent. This is the really fucking serious portion of the campaign for those of you not familiar with the process. It is also the part that can be nasty if people choose personal attacks over running on issues, which his opponent has done in the past. Who knows, people can change. Maybe she’ll run on issues and tell republican money that personal attacks are off limits. It’s good to expect public servants and their financers to show their best selves, don’t you think? People ask me a lot how I'm feeling with everything. It's a weird place to be in - to support and believe in a candidate 100% but since the candidate happens to be your spouse, to feel some kind of way about the impact it's having on your life. It's many, many things that are not easy to describe and are sometimes conflicting. One of them is that it's like never being alone but always feeling isolated. I saw this from Gisele Fetterman on Primary Day Tuesday (yay JOHN Fetterman!!!!) and it rang very true. Knowing how hard this is for me as a spouse at a state rep level, I imagine it times a million as it goes up the chain. Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest and shown support. Many more opportunities to do both coming up in the next few months. We need to flip this seat and have someone in it who knows the opioid epidemic first hand and will approach it realistically and with compassion and isn't anti-immigrant.

8. Freaking Yanny and Laurel. I can’t.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

Corn dip coming at you tomorrow. Just in time for the sweet ass weekend.


  1. Ugh this weather! Although last year we were just hitting 90 degrees today for the first time. I know this because my family does a crazy 90 degree contest. I have lost every year but come amazingly close each year.
    While I can’t with yanny and laurel it was fun to listen to everyone’s opinion in the teacher’s room. Nice to see people laugh in a place where I feel morale is super low.
    More rain this weekend ugh

  2. We're in the 90s here already. It will be 60 one day and 90 the next all because of the Rocky Mountains. Crime scene at Aldi lol.
    I need to get some things planted too.

  3. I like to specifically vote against candidates that use personal attacks. Obviously they have nothing to say on the issues or about themselves and what they would do, so clearly they would suck in office. Seems like common sense to me? Good luck MFD!

  4. It makes me emotional to see people running for any type of office simply because they want things to be better, not because they want to climb the ladder. SO NEEDED.

  5. Its monsoon season in NC. Those hot sunny days are far better than these dreary ones. I miss being outside. Laurel and Yanny can suck it. It was Office conversation this morning and I’m over it.
    Summer is almost here and I’m still pastey and feeling like I’m not ready. I have no flowers and weekend to do anything about it!!

  6. Good luck to you and MFD during the months before the election. It's a tough game which is why so few people put their hat in the ring. I love Shaun King's perspective and I wish more people would open their eyes to the facts he presents. Crime scene is a good descriptor fro Aldi at times, lol. People are brutal, especially in the produce section.

  7. Really hoping that the next round of the political scene for you guys doesn't get ugly from the other side. It's sad what people resort to in order to "win", and especially in light of what has become of the Republican party--the things that are "acceptable" today are disgusting and repulsive.
    The Aldi flowerpot crime scene had me lol. Hope you find some good stuff soon!
    I mentioned the Yanny Laurel thing on my blog today--sorry!! hahah

  8. Spring(?) weather. As I wear a sweatjacket in the house... and my garden suffers!
    Praying for a positive campaign and outcome for MFD.
    Ruby cannot abide by cold/wet feet. Also will not accept boots. Or rain falling. I bought her a little dog umbrella; she is terrified.

  9. Seriously, this year is flying. I lol'ed at land of the misfit hanging plants. Sending you lots of good vibes now that the primary is over and the real stuff begins. I hope his opponent can take the high road. I will do everything I can to help from 1200 miles away!

  10. It seriously does look like a flower crime scene. I loved your IG story of Bruce falling asleep last night! His little nose!! <3
    Sending all the luck and positivity and perseverance both you and MFD's way from now til Nov. (and beyond!).
    (But... like... it's Laurel, right? Because it is..)

  11. Good luck to MFD and I can imagine how weird it does feel being a candidate's wife. I'm not a fan of the personal attacks either because most are stupid. Only things that are pertinent, like I'm a racist, homophobic, misogynistic pig, should be brought to voters attention so they can wisely choose not to vote for ... never mind. I'm not sure why but the thought of Bruce headbutting plants makes laugh.

  12. I looked for a like button on #4. Thanks, sleep deprivation.

  13. Have not listened to the Yanny/Laurel thing. I won't.

    I can't even start with the racism shit. But please let me know how I can help MFD (and you. I'm here if you need to vent)

  14. I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day...

  15. We totally gave spring a complete miss and headed right into summer. It's been over 80 here for the past two weeks and I am so over it. Although it might be because I'm a human incubator at the moment.

    I can hear both? Like I was sitting there and I could hear Laurel and then I was sitting there and I could hear Yanni and now I'm like I can listen to the audio clip and hear both at the same time? Maybe I'm a freak.

  16. I was wondering how you were doing. Yay MFD! But it is a crazy ride with lots of time suck activities and intrusions on personal life. I worked for St Rep John Taylor for quite a few years in constituent services (and election time was the worst) Hang in there.

  17. Shaun King's Twitter is the most eye-opening account I follow. Every day it's a new (usually white) garbage person doing garbage things. And yes, I don't understand how we're a week out from Memorial Day. It's like 50 degrees & cold by me right now. WHEN DOES IT END? Oh, and another school shooting today so... bye.


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