Tuesday, May 29, 2018

TWTW - the Memorial Day one

Friday started with sunrise + final house walk through. I was working by 8 and the first renters of the season were here by 9.
Early dismissal at 2 had me on the beach by 2:15. I had frozen yogurt, took a ton of walks, had a rest, hung with the dogs, and read a book.
Saturday we were up to walk at 3:30 am then again at 7 am. I fawned over my new water cooler with reusable five gallon jugs, made Gus a king bed, and realized Bruce can get in and out of the window when I lift up the screen. This dog is too smart. 
Debbie and I hit the beach and it was perfect weather and people watching. Michelle, Bob, and Amelia came down for a bit so we had dinner on the boards with them.

Face and eye masks where we could not look st each other because we would laugh and our masks would come off. Michelle and Bob got to see that fright show also. Hilarious.
Sunday we took Bruce to Asbury Avenue for donuts, coffee, and shopping at our favorite Blue Lotus. Bruce met Ollie. We love Ollie. We followed our outing up with porch time and people watching.
Gus started acting weird so I took him to the emergency vet. His anal gland ruptured and he might have a tumor, we’ll follow up in a few weeks with his regular vet. MFD was on his way down and met me there while Debbie stayed with Mae and Bruce. We had shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches and veggies followed by naughty snacks while watching Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Gus is doing okay now but is unfortunately in the decline of his life and we will be watching him and his comfort. 
Monday we were up at 5 then back to sleep until almost 10. It felt decadent. Dog walks and Band of Brothers, house cleaning when guests left, and a late lunch st Ike’s thanks to Debbie. I painted my nails (OPI This Color’s Making Waves) and read while the town quieted down, then we went to Aunt Betty's Ice Cream Shack and MFD went fishing and The End. 
Weekly food prep: still eating weekend food today. I'm heading home tonight, hair appointment tomorrow night and back to the shore after that so I will pick up again down there. I know burgers are on the menu for the weekend. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Your weekend sounds amazing except for the Gus problems :(.
    I went on a walk about the history of witches in our town and then rested the rest of the weekend.
    My friend was in ocean city NJ and posted a ton of pictures on FB especially of Asbury Avenue and pizza.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the trip to the ER with Gus. I am glad that he is okay now. The rest of the weekend sounds like it was really great!

  3. Love love love to Gussie! I appreciate your ability to discuss his ruprured anal gland followed clisely by what was for dinner. ❤️

  4. Sorry to hear about Gus. :( Glad you were able to get some relaxing and family/friend time in though! I loved your flag pics on Instagram stories yesterday!

  5. Your shore experience is one adult-sleepover/vacation weekend after the next :) Super jealous ;) And I love that dog water sign. Hahaha!!
    I had NO idea an anal gland could rupture. Poor Gus. Sending him lots of healing and comfort vibes!

  6. I showed my mom the IG story of Bruce walking through the window... it brought us a good chuckle over the weekend :)

  7. Asbury Avenue looks like such a fun spot to walk around! I am sending all my love and hugs for Gus, poor guy.

  8. Sorry about Gus, poor angel and sending you lots of hugs. I cannot believe Bruce is going through the window, he is crazy! Sounds like a fabulous shore weekend!

  9. This sounds like such a fun, perfect, blissful weekend. Except for Gus! Poor baby! Sending good thoughts. Loved Band of Brothers.

  10. As always, you've captured stunning sunrise pictures! I hope Gus is feeling better.

  11. KC made me laugh the other day when i had a similar mask on and it totally fell off. i've been meaning to try something like those eye masks but there's so many options and i get overwhelmed and give up. all the food looks delicious - we've been eating a ton of burgers lately, we make a bunch and eat on them for several days. probably not very healthy for my heart lol.
    poor Gus :( I am so sorry. glad he is doing okay for now.

  12. Can you share your shredded buffalo chicken recipe? That sounds right up my alley right now. I'm glad Gus is feeling better and I really hope it's not a tumor. :( I still laugh about Mae's dirty looks at Bruce's window trick... and all that beach time looks like it was good for the soul. (The mask laughs, too.)


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