Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All We Want For Christmas: From the Pugs

Everyone gets their shot at a Christmas Wish List...
I require the following. I'd prefer my desires to be granted today but if I must wait for Christmas, I will. I may pee on the curtains to show my displeasure, however. Fair warning. My wish list:

1. Total world domination.
2. Twenty-four hour a day access to the same food my humans are eating.
3. A weekend or 15 without my sister. And for her to have to wear silly costumes every day for my amusement.
4. For my parents to never go away on a trip. Ever. Then I won't have to pretend to be deaf for 3-10 days after they return home to make them feel guilty and terrible for not taking me with them. It's hard for me to remember I'm supposed to be deaf so they're doubly putting me out.
5. A world where no one tries to clean my ears.

1. Daily romps in our fields, Treat Lady's woods, or on the beach with tons of time to mark everything in my path. Geege was here! I say it with pee.
2. The freedom to hump the air or lick Gus's ears without getting scolded by my mother.
3. For my mother to stay home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so I can guard her and our home, following her everywhere and barking like a good guard does every time a person, dog, or car passes by. I am the Royal Guard and you shall not enter!
4. Fresh fruit at every meal.
5. A world where no one tries to take me to the vet.
1. A blinged out grill and some sweet hoodies.
2. A recording contract with Jay-Z. My Gremlin noises will be the next big hit in the music industry.
3. Endless scratches from my adoring fans.
4. For bullying my brothers and sitting staring in Gus's face waiting until he's done with his bone so I can steal it to be cool with everyone involved.
5. A world where no one tries to tell me where I can and can't sit. Yes, I can sit there and I WILL.

Peace out and happy Christmas Eve Eve on behalf of the dogs.

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Dog blogs: I like them.
Dogs want stuff for Christmas too.
For real. I asked them.
I would be remiss if I didn't wish you all a Happy Festivus today.

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  1. haha so cute!!
    Oh sweet puggies, I hope you can get a wish or two off your list!!
    Merry Christmas cuties!

  2. awww, LOVE this post!! :-)

  3. So cute! I love Gus' requests but Crazy Mae is still my fav! I love that Geege wants fruit.

  4. I think my dog just wants everyone to leave him alone. Except at bedtime when he wants us to let him lay plop middle of the bed and stretch out to touch and press against both of us!

  5. hehe love this! my dog would want all the snacks and all the sleeps! wait, he gets that already! ;)

  6. Oh the gremlin noises…I sympathize. I'm pretty sure "unlimited running time" would be on Scout's list and "unlimited feeding" would be on Jett's.

  7. Oh my goodness so so so so cute.
    A pug is the one dog I've said I've always wanted...just need to move to a place where I can have more than one pet...

  8. Grace wants more lap time
    (she can never get enough)
    plus what your dogs get...

  9. So cute! I love Mae's wish list the best. Happy Festivus! Hope you have your pole up! HA HA that doesn't sound too good.

  10. Ahh their little faces are adorable - especially when it's cocked to the side!! :) xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  11. they make the greatest faces of all time. i think they deserve that world domination.

  12. hahaha "I say it with pee" gotta love it. Hawkeye's list reads closest to Gus. Of course. I'm pretty sure John is the Pinkie to Hawkeye's Brain.

  13. I love it!!! I think Geege and Mac are two of a kind. He likes to lick Gracie's ears, hump everything, mark everything, and bark at the butterflies, people, dogs, leaves, grasshoppers, etc like the good guard dog he is :)

    Mae is a girl after my own heart! Poor Gus, why must he wait?!

  14. Such cute and humorous personalities they each have! Poor little Mae...hope she gets that blinged out grill or at least a cute hoodie!

  15. haha this post had me cracking up, it almost makes me sad that I didn't think of it for Nibs and Squish...oh well there is still next year!

  16. My dog would like a ramp up to the dining room table, where she can dine on people food at will; for warm blankies to sleep under at all times; for her people to never leave the house so she never has to go in her kennel again; for warm sunbeams to lay in; and for year-round warm temps so potty time is more comfortable. (Oh let's be honest, if she had her way she would just do her business in the house. Nasty dog.)

  17. Gus is on the same page as your kiddos...all he wants is chips, tortillas and chicken and then looks at me with his sad eyes when I don't give in. And I don't even want to think about how he feels when we leave him for trips! Breaks my heart. I hope Mae, Geege and Gus get all their presents and wishes this holiday season!! :) I am sure they will...well, most of them.

  18. Haha world domination for the win! And Roxy hates getting her ears cleaned too.... she turns into an angry elf :-P

  19. Those sweet little faces! World domination, fresh fruit (really???), and all the scratches in the world. I dig it <3 <3 <3

  20. I just died over the picture of Gus staring at you from underneath your cup.....hilarious!

  21. Awwww, they are so cute. I really like the one image where the background is all snow and he/she is just hanging out. They are precious! It is so funny how dogs want to pee every bush or two just to say "I was here".

  22. Gus believes himself to have world domination it just slips sometimes. Mae will sit where she wants. GEEGE!!!! He can mark to his hearts content in the woods here.

  23. hahah they are so cute! I can't... also dogs really do hate when doggy parents go away and they really do guilt trip you when you return!! truth!

  24. There's nothing wrong with humping the air. Lay off, Steph.


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