Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fall goals - how did I do?

Well here we are, the final day of fall. Winter is upon us in name as well as feeling. Here's how I did on my fall goals. 

1. Major wardrobe overhaul - both summer and winter - all clothes and shoes, special occasion clothes, everything down to socks. Purge, update, and upgrade. And dry clean the winter coats while I'm at it. Dunzo. I got rid of a lot of clothes and consolidated. I actually have extra room in my drawers. And the winter coats were dry cleaned. 

2. Get up 15 minutes earlier three days a week. This happened once a week for a while, then it didn't happen any more. Bomb.

3. Stretch every night before bed. This didn't happen every night, but it happened at least four nights a week, which is four more nights than it ever did. 

4. Daily dog walk unless it's raining. I should've added or unless it's frigid - they don't like that. I mean, I don't either, but they really don't.

5. Try new recipes: one new app, main dish, veggie side, Sunday soup, dessert, and pie crust/pie from scratch. All links go to pins on pinterest.
      App - pepperjack cheese dip
      Main dish - lazy Sunday casserole, Minnesota hot dish, easy italian chicken bake
      Veggie side - Cauliflower tater tots
      Sunday soup - Shrimp & Corn Chowder
      Dessert - pumpkin pie cupcakes
      Breakfast - spinach muffins
      Pie crust/pie from scratch - I made mini apple hand pies, but the crust was not from scratch. Halvesies?

6. Outdoors:
       a) Clear out both sheds and find new storage for cushions Dunzo
       b) Winterize flower beds Dunzo
       c) Major cleanup of side yard Dunzo
       d) Pray for Yard Crashers to materialize as I'm working my ass off and fending off spiders.                       Done, but the bastards didn't show.

7. Go see a beach sunrise at the shore. Dunzo - November 8. 

8. October wallet watch. Results are here.

9. Vacuum/wash window treatments and clean baseboards. Done, hatefully. 

10. Take my car in for a tune up. Newp. I took it to get inspected, but that's it. Bomb.

Did you make fall goals? How did you do?


  1. I'd say you did pretty damn fantastic, lady!!! I didn't have many goals, I just wanted to have all family gifts purchased before my surgery. An I managed t accomplish! You go girl! I love the new pictures at the top!

  2. Very good. Except for your car! Very important to treat your car well.
    You had a busy fall but accomplished a ton. #Brava #continuedGoddessspeed
    Love, your Momma

  3. You did very well on those fall goals girlie! I dont call it a bomb that you didnt get up 15 minutes earlier. Sleeeeep is never a bad thing haha

  4. Baseboards are the bane of my existence. I use those Swiffer wipes though and they help a TON! Good for my allergies, too as the dust doesn't fly every which way.

  5. Good job!! I laughed at "extra room in my drawers" Sadly I cannot say the same in either regard!!!

  6. You did really well on your goals. This reminds me I need to work on painting all my baseboards.

  7. You did really great on your goals. I am going to have to check out some of those recipes!

  8. You did awesome on those goals! I really need to purge and organize my entire freaking house.

  9. You kicked booty on your Fall goals!! Best of luck on your Winter ones too (I'm condensing, one comment for two posts) :) I was thinking about pulling some clothes out of my closet to get rid of that I know I'm just over, I purged quiet a bit before the move but I know I have some items I can still toss.

  10. I'd say that you rocked your fall goals!!! And I LOL'd at done, hatefully! That is how I accomplish most things...hahah!


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