Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Goals

Tis the season to get some winter goals up here.

1. Finally make a pie crust/pie from scratch. I failed to do this in my October Choose Your Own Adventure Food Theme Challenge and in my fall goals. Time to get this shit done.

2. Host dinner party so people help us eat the turkey I have in the freezer.

3. Make a 40 by 40 list of uh, 40 things I want to do before I'm 40. I turn 38 in March. I need time for some of them.

4. Book Airfare for wild west trip.

5. Organize and catalog loose photos, including possibly using a pay to scan service.

6. Stick to my exercise schedule.

7. Creative writing off the blog once a week.

8. Try three new to me restaurants.

9. Get the Be Nice Box project going.

10. Go through beauty products - keep, toss, reorganize, share.

Have you made any winter goals?


  1. Great goals for the winter! Hope you share the 40 by 40 list!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. long time no see... good list, can't wait to see the choices for the 40 by 40!

  4. Have fun with your 40 by 40! I turn 44 in June...maybe it's time for a 50 by 50. I'm with you on the creative writing project. Good luck with these...they're good goals.

  5. Fabulous goals! I'm very excited to see your 40 by 40 list. Anything really big planned?

  6. Well I think you just inspired me to make a winter goal list!!! Thank you! I love that you do this and it keeps me accountable anytime I say I'm going to do something on the blog:)

  7. Love the list. Good luck with checking them all off!

  8. What a good idea to set some writing time up separate from your blog! I used to love journaling. It's therapeutic.

  9. Looking forward to seeing your 40x40 list. I really should put one together too. Getting back on track with my fitness is on my list for the Winter.

  10. I love how you make these lists of goals and then check in with yourself for accountability. I need to use you as an example and get myself together lol

  11. I'd say you have a strong set of goals here! I need to recap my fall and set my winter ones too...but probably next week. Winter sort of snuck up here, didn't it!? With the threat of severe weather tomorrow (the tornado kind) it doesn't feel like winter much here. Sigh.

  12. Tell me about the creative writing...

  13. these are all great goals. i need to make my own soon! i made my first pie for thanksgiving and it was dutch apple and the crust was so easy since it was brown sugar/butter so i kinda cheated ha. good luck with your goals!

  14. i've had pictures in boxes and random places for YEARS. it's so embarrassing. i've also been meaning to "update" the pictures in our frames...that haven't been touched since kayla was born!!!

  15. i can't wait to see your 40 by 40 list, if you're gonna share of course :) i don't have specific goals for winter but i really need to organise my photos - i have some on the computer, some on the external hard drive, hardly any printed... it's a mess. i've lost them before so i need to back them up before i lose them again lol

  16. I can't believe you're 38! I thought you were younger than me. I'm 33.

    1. Ha! I'm actually 37...somewhere along the way this year I started thinking I was 38. I've found out since that I'm uh, 37.

      Thanks though!


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