Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here's a Tip: I've been washing my face with oil.

Say what? Yes, it's true. I've been washing my face with oil thanks to some recommendations from friends and The Oil Cleansing Method. Me, who has bemoaned my shitty skin, zits, and oily face for decades. I am now washing my face in it.

I first heard about this oil cleansing method almost a year ago from my friend Diva T. I pshaw'ed her and said NEVER, mofo! Then Rachel H. brought it up again this year, and I thought what the shit, nothing else is working. I might as well try the blasphemous Oil Cleansing Method.

Never say never is sort of the lesson here, as evidenced by my conversion to The Oil Cleansing Method and also my ability to not wash my hair daily despite saying for years, "I have to wash my hair every day, I can't take it/wake up/feel clean unless I wash my hair, blah blah blah, it's fine if YOU don't wash every day, but with MY hair I need to, blah blah blah." And, no I don't need to and my hair looks better than it has in years. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, never sayers.

Awesome payout #1 of using this method: I'm not dropping one zillion dollars on moisturizers and other face potions guaranteed to make my skin as fresh as the skin on a newborn baby's ass. Nothing ever worked and  I never used anything until it was finished. And when I *did* find something that worked, it was discontinued - I'm looking at you, Avon True Porefection. I bought a bottle of castor oil and a bottle of sunflower oil, mixed them up in a travel bottle, and that's it. Dunzo.

Awesome thing #2 of using this method: I am a lazy as hell face washer and rarely do it. Which coincides perfectly with how you do the oil cleansing method. Just rub a wash cloth over my face most days? Sold.

So reporting in after a week: My skin is much softer and looks a lot better. I do have some new zits, which they said would happen. But my old zits are basically disappearing, which is wonderful. And it's not oily to the touch.

I'll keep you apprised of the state of my face. I know you're on tenterhooks now, bitches.

Oily oily oily oily, life is but a dream. Happy hump day!


p.s. Why when I google images for Never Say Never, does google images donkey punch me with 20483084 pages of Bieber? Jesus Christ! Some warning would be nice.

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