Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I won't, and you can't make me.

Finish a bottle of lotion I don't like.
Most recent victim

Read a book that doesn't lure me in within the first 32 pages (it used to be 50 pages, how it came to be 32 seems like it would be an interesting story, but it's not). There are too many books on this earth to waste time finishing one that's not worth it.

Drink white zinfandel.
Sorry White Zin fans

Fight for a seat on an airplane. I will gladly pay extra to pick my seat in advance.

Listen to Gloria Estefan.
Sorry Ms. Estefan. The Rhythm is NOT gonna get me.

Vote for anyone who is anti-choice.

Purchase ketchup that is not Heinz or mayo that is not Hellmann's.

Wear Crocs or Uggs.

Not budging,


p.s. I should really stop buying wine for our Christmas Open House and leave some for other people to buy.


  1. I have to finish books no matter how horrible, I was just talking about that this morning. I hate white zin, I'll never wear crocs, buy hunts ketchup or miracle whip, but I have to say, I'm an avid Ugg fan... ever since I was a wee tyke. That won't ever change.


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