Monday, January 16, 2012

When Errands Go Awry

I consider myself an efficient errand runner – I group them by location and bang as many as I can out at once. I would love to have a personal organizer/errand running business. Sometimes though, the universe conspires against you, and sends your errand mission off the rails.

Round One

Saturday morning dawned bright and cold. I had grand plans to knock some errands out of the park. My original list was tailor, Clinique counter, Target, jeweler, dry cleaner, Brother’s Pizza.

I was a little late in leaving my house, so on the fly I decided to push the tailor, Clinique counter and Target to Sunday. I made good time and got to the jeweler soon after they opened. I went in and told them I needed my ring redipped and was told they could take it, but would have to send it off premises since the jeweler was out until the end of January. Frigger. I really like him so I said no problem, I’ll come back.

Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, I sang in my head, and continued on to the dry cleaner. That went ok, but was much more expensive than I was anticipating. Damn you winter coats for all needing to be dry cleaned at once.

I arrived at Brother’s, where the hardy pizza makers looked tired and had not even begun to make the stacks of boxes. I got my pizza, plus a slice for the road because I am a disgusting glutton and cannot resist the lure of Brother’s, and was off, dreaming of a better errand running track record on Sunday.

Round Two

I set this up perfectly. I was at Target at 10:30, went about my business, did not overspend, and was sitting outside of the mall when it opened. I breezed through Boscov to the Clinique counter. I circled it. I circled it again. No chubby stick. What the hell! They didn’t have any in the store. I was a little annoyed, but thought whatever, I can pick it up downtown next week.

On to the tailor, which was…closed. Closed? WTF! Their hours clearly said 11 – 4 on Sundays. I asked on Thursday night if they were open on Sunday, and he said yes, of course. I guess yes of course also means HELL NO. Balls. Balls I say!

Sometimes even the best laid plans can be rolled up, shoved up your nose, and set on fire.

In Other News
I tried Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf this weekend as part of my effort to test drive four new recipes every month. It was unheard of moist for a meatloaf. Not the healthiest meal for sure, but good for a big weekend meal during the winter. It makes a large loaf, so you’ll have lots of leftovers for sandwiches if you try it. I also liked doing it on a broiler pan instead of in a loaf pan. It was hollerific holy shit hot damn good.

In My Next Life
I will have a job where I get bank holidays off. While it was nice to have primo parking at the train station, and to sprawl out on the train instead of being squished like a sardine, it would also be nice to be off today.

Happy MLK Day –


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
                          ~Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963

p.p.s: my kitchen partner taking care of the starches. Yes, that's plural.



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