Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knock knock. Is anybody home?

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Exhausted. Next year I am saving my days and taking this entire week off, for sure. Santa  missed the memo to get MFD slippers for Christmas...he has two right feet ones from two different pairs and wore them all day. Poor guy. I will be getting him some matching ones this week.

Due to the kitchen remodel, we decorated on 12/23 and put our tree up on 12/24. We have never been so late. I normally like to restore order and begin the new year without Christmas items up, but MFD loves his Christmas stuff out so this year I agreed to leave it up until 1/6. Merry Christmas babe.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas weekend.

We did our traditional Christmas Eve at Sandy's, followed by some more family stuff. Christmas morning was a whirlwind, and we had a steady stream of visitors from about 11 a.m. all through the day and night. I believe our last guests left around 4 a.m.?  It was wonderful and the new kitchen was enjoyed by all. I stayed up too late, drank too much, and laughed my ass off at all the beer cans I found in all the cabinets.  Someone (Michelle) was nice enough to give me some laughs and also to document them with my own camera. hahahahah

On a sad note, we lost a wonderful person on Christmas Eve. Mr. Ricci was a true friend, very giving and loving to so many people, and an all around fantastic guy. I have known him since I was about six, and he was always so good to me. I am so sad he is gone, and my heart is with his family and everyone else who loved him.

Things like this remind me that you never know what's going to happen. It's so important to appreciate and focus on the good  in your life. Life is simply too short to give creedence to anything that brings negativity into your atmosphere. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Appreciate the people who bring you joy and be grateful for every day. This concludes my soapboxy sermon.

Toodleoo, I hope you have an easy peasy week. Speaking of easy peasy, I saw a variation of this on pinterest and did my veggies like this on Christmas day. I thought it was fun.

Is it 5 pm yet?



  1. Amen Holler on our Hank Ricci and focusing on only the postive!!! Godspeed to all.

    love your mother

  2. I had such a good time on Christmas at your house! Thanks. Once again, I continue to thoroughly enjoy your blog!



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