Monday, December 5, 2011

You say goodbye and i say hello.

Goodbye, dishwasher.

Goodbye, microwave.

Goodbye, built-in stove.
Hello, crock pot in the living room.

Hello, Gus.

Hello, Monday.

This weekend, I:
-didn't sleep enough;
-learned some good things at the Relay Summit (;
-Had a lovely time drinking wine with Gail and Crystal, laughing at the shenanigans of Luke and Jack, and visiting with Aunt Carrie (thank you eternally for the beautiful bag) and Uncle Jim;
-Cursed pinot grigio for a bad hangover and ruining my trip to Target;
-Almost shit my pants in fear/anxiety watching American Horror;
-Was engulfed by a crotch rocket motorcycle gang while minding my own beeswax in my car: two to the front, two to the back, and two to each side, so freaking nerve wracking;
-Freaked out 29374938408 times about the kitchen not moving along fast enough in time to be done before Christmas;
-And slept on new pillows, for which we were seriously overdue.

Today began with my alarm not going off, and since I was so tired, I slept an hour and 15 minutes past it before I even woke up. Really? I've felt behind all day.

Is it 5 yet?



  1. This post reminds me of the end of Our Town. LOL

  2. Great formation of your house from the great service. I just love how creative you are and i know you will made this better.


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