Monday, December 19, 2011

Listen up: Christmas Playlist

Before ipods were as common as the cold, MFD and I made Christmas CDs for everyone each year. Then no one used CDs anymore. The End.

Just kidding.

Here's my Christmas playlist for this year without input from MFD, because between this kitchen renovation and mummery we barely have time to talk to each other let alone craft a Christmas playlist.  Some of these songs make it every year, of course. I kept it to 20 songs because you have better things to do.

1. All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah the Pariah. Kenny Schwarz is the only person I know who hates this song.

2. Christmas is Coming - Vince Guaraldi Trio. I think Charlie Brown is a weinerwhistle (I know this is not a popular opinion and some of you want to throw snowballs at me for this) but the music is wonderful.

3. The Christmas Story - Dexter Gordon

True Story: This poster hangs in our spare bedroom.
4. Danse of the Sugar Plum Fairies - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

5. Last Christmas - Wham. I sang the shit out of this song in the car on Saturday. It was awesome.

Happy Christmas. I wrapped it up and sent it out with a note saying "I love you," I meant it now I know what a fool I've been but if you kiss me now I know you'll fool me again

6. A Marshmallow World - Bing Crosby

7. Mele Kalikimaka - Bing & The Andrews Sisters

8. Purple Snowflakes - Marvin Gaye

9. Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Jackson Five

10. Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes

11. What Christmas Means to Me - Stevie Wonder

12. 2000 Miles - The Pretenders

13. Fairytale of New York - The Pogues. It was Christmas Eve, the drunk tank. I love love love love this song, always have and always will. My favorite unconventional Christmas tune.

14. There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays - The Carpenters

15. Father Christmas - The Kinks

16. Hard Candy Christmas - Dolly Parton

Merry Christmas Dolly. I love you.
17. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - BNL and Sarah McLachlan

18. Here Comes Santa Claus - Willie Nelson. God love you Willie Nelson. I hope you get a fat bag of weed from Santa.

19. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley

20. Please Come Home for Christmas - The Eagles

If you're not familiar with any of these, I hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I do.

Keep a good thought for us as we race to the finish line on this kitchen reno. We currently don't have a useable sink/garbage disposal, and our water is not hooked up to the fridge. Back splash would be a nice present under 12/20's tree. And we have one sad wreath up as decor. Clark is not well. I did buy him a t-shirt that said Go Griswold or Go Home. hahahah ho ho ho ho

HO HO HO mofos!


p.s. I just ordered Christmas Vacation, how the hell do I not own this already? Thank you Amazon.


  1. I love the Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas." The rest I can do without. I like more of the Christmas songs you will hear in church. I do however love me some Dolly and some Willie. And also, we just ordered Christmas vacation yesterday too because Gerren realized we didn't own it! The horror!

  2. Aw, how about "its the holiday season" by Andy Williams? "So doop de doop, and dickory dock, and don't forget to hang up your sock"... lol

  3. Wife, I love all these songs as much as you do and Christmas wouldn't be the same without them playing... Rest assured we can paint tomorrow, backsplash will be done by tomorrow as well!!!

    Decorating outside today! Love you, MFD

  4. You are the only person I know who LOVES Fairytale of New York. It's my all time favorite.


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