Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Holiday Breaking

No profound statements to leave the year with (I started this post last week) in this post, although I did pull my NYD post from IG over here on the end. Otherwise I'm straight holiday break updating mostly as a reminder to myself of how I floated through the ether of the blurry days between Christmas and back to work on January 3 outside of weekend posts which I did keep up on over Christmas weekend and NY weekend. a person who does not watch much and is extremely inconsistent in finishing shows or movies I start, this is my crowning achievement
Baking It Seasons 1 & 2
A Christmas Story Christmas
A Christmas Story
Christmas Vacation
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Knives Out
Do Revenge
Succession Seasons 1 & 2

Unnatural History (Alex Delaware #38) by Jonathan Kellerman
Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister
A Familiar Stranger by A.R. Torre
Started and DNF Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six by Lisa Unger
Started We're All Lying by Marie Still

Linen closet
Nail polish
Two top dresser drawers that had become junk drawers
Christmas items
A bag and a bin that sat in my room for a year

De-Christmassed the house
Burned through all Christmas candles and resisted urge to replace immediately
Lunch with Melissa, Stephanie, and Stephanie
Long walk in the south end in OC
Booked my plane ticket to Atlanta where I'm seeing Bruce in Feb
Unearthed birth certificate and passport which will make Real ID acquisition and passport renewal much easier
Solar panels installed at shore
Soffit and fascia repaired at shore
Final four windows in the house replaced at the shore (this and the item above save me a trip to small claims court for a Feb court date)
Found out MFD's car is indeed totaled from the accident he was in a few weeks ago
Lots of resting and laying about
A new condo for Billy Cat at the shore since he could not see out of the new door

My top nine of 2022 from Instagram includes a super snowy early January 2022 OCNJ, my 45th birthday, Dana & Alex's wedding, Billy & Kristina's wedding, Sean & Nicole's wedding, rando we out here winter, MFD with Mister Softee, fall of the patriarchy, our 12th anniversary post

My New Year's Day post from  IG too - Plans for 2023: be more open about my love of lemon curd, start over on any thing at any time, do less, sleep in, visit Munich and Italy, travel light in every sense except in what I bring to the table in reciprocal relationships, age well, pick up more beach trash, turn my face toward the sun, read whatever amount of books I read, level up as a feminist killjoy, stop slouching, hear more live music, keep a finger on the pulse of my own energy, and lean in to fun and joy because goddamn life is short and time moves swiftly. Among other things

There are a lot of people out there trying to adjust to the absence of a person, pet, friend, routine, job, a better state of physical or mental health, etc., and new year sentiments can feel like a bunch of bullshit. Every day is the chance to start over, continue healing, make a change, or revisit something. Whether you like to do that with the turn of the year or the turn of a Tuesday, I'm rooting for you to heal, grow, adventure, experience, and lean into joy because our time here is short and no next day is guaranteed for any of us. 

I hope this year is everything you need. Cheers! Happy New Year! 

Happy birthday to my Aunt Sue today!

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