Friday, January 6, 2023

Friday Files 1.6.2023

Ring ring.

We can consider Thursday Thoughts dead or at the least dormant at this time - Thursday has turned into my busiest/fastest time slipping away work day so I'm pivoting to Friday here. I'm giving myself a break on clever titles too. I have very few left after blogging since 2011 and I need to come up with one for a work newsletter weekly. 

I've entered the Reading Glasses portion of life, so if I don't have them on and you get texts or see Instagram stories with typos, look away

I went through a bunch of my scattered notes, fleshed out my to read list, and put holds on a bunch of books coming out over the next few months if my library already had them on order. This is a much anticipated book for the year that I finished last night and I loved it. I left it with warm fuzzies. It publishes January 31, so pre-order or get on that library holds list!

Cloudy skies are interesting AF when it's not a wall of gray. Wednesday & Thursday walks
Couch cadre - we are winter recharge folks. MFD re-hung some stuff I pulled down in December to paint and I am considering painting a little wall this weekend and maybe some trim. But mostly we are working and resting outside of work, and spending some time outside every day. 
Billy Hicks would like to remind everyone that although he sometimes sits with the commoners on the couch, you should never forget he is the Condo King

I often tell people to die mad about things and this is actually one of the things I will personally die mad about. People who participated in and encouraged the January 6 Insurrection should not be serving in government or reporting on public affairs on a propaganda TV station. But people ARE still seated in government and are causing it to not function at the moment in the House of Representatives. These people continue to destabilize the country and are a threat to national security.  Strangling the country by minority rule is the path of tyrants. Why is anyone supporting this? Tracking to authoritarianism, nationalism (have you met the Christian Nationalists? hooo, there is nothing Jesus like about those people), hierarchy and elitism, and militarism are the main ideas of fascism. You might be a fascist if you uphold any of those or vote for those who do. Have a good day!

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