Monday, January 16, 2023

snippets of the weekend 1.16.2023

Friday was a tough day to get through, gray and my head was extremely congested. I finished Prince Harry's Spare and went to bed. 

Saturday I started a new book, then got my shit together to head to Center City for Jagged Little Pill at the Academy of Music with Amanda & Krissy. Heavy shit, funny too, good use of music. I loved the cast & show and cried a lot in the second half. I felt 18 and 45 and 80 all at once. We had dinner at Alice Pizza after, and then I was back home at 7:30 and out the door again at 8:45. Chickies & Pete's then the old Palace Roller Rink to celebrate Aubrey's birthday. There is still a subculture of amazing roller skaters out there rocking out regularly at adult skate and that makes me really happy. They were so good! Aubrey is a really good skater. It was fun to watch. We were back home around 1 and I was up reading until 2:10.
Sunday I finished a book, went to get a few groceries, made deviled eggs, made veggie and parsley heavy soup with the pork bone I brought back from Stephen & Aubrey's on New Year's Day, watched The Northman and the entire third season of Succession, and went to bed around midnight.

Happily I did not wake up when MFD came back from his Code Blue shift in the middle of the night. 

No day off here today. If you are off, enjoy, and remember Dr. King was not a series of prop quotes: he was a radical who was assassinated for his push for a revolution of values in this country. Leave the quotes in the pile and instead try embodying his fierce love and commitment to justice, equity, and peace along racial and class lines; his rejection of imperialism and materialism; and one a lot of people out there struggle with mightily in full view of others: his value of people over property.

If you've never read it or need a refresher, today is a good day to read Letter from a Birmingham Jail or the full transcript for his I Have a Dream speech.

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