Monday, December 26, 2022

snippets of the weekend 12.26.2022

Festivus for the Rest of Us Friday, along with my last workday of 2022. My niece was over for a while in the morning. Chicken caesars for dinner, avoiding outside due to deep freeze (ice inside the window panes next to our door above), doing prep work for Mimi's bacon breakfast muffins, and asking the universe for no burst pipes at the shore, and Christmas Vacation. 

Christmas Eve we had Mimi's muffins for breakfast, and I did the prep work for Italian Wedding Soup and fresh bread for Christmas Day - spoiler alert, the fresh bread was glop. I think my flour was old. Try again on New Year's, maybe. Kitchen fails are normal! 

We did our annual rounds to Sandy's, cousin Colleen & John's, Uncle Billy/Aunt Sue's, and added a stop to cousin Jamie & Cindy's this year to see the Caldwells. We also did our annual drive through the well decorated neighborhood cul-de-sac. 

Christmas morning gifts with Dad & Carol. They have continued the tradition of getting me an Eagles item since I am the number one fan in the category of does not like football but likes football food and it is a running joke. My dad also picked this mug out for me, it appears that he knows me LOL. It was a fun morning watching MFD with his survivalist shit. We went to Stephen & Aubrey's to see the kids and have breakfast. We're all already thinking about summer. 

Back at home Dad & Carol left and we couched it all day. We watched both Knives Out movies, and when MFD went to do a shift for Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need I watched Do Revenge and made Italian wedding soup. MFD made separate chocolate and vanilla pudding and that was that for us on Christmas. I love doing nothing the majority of Christmas day.
Today I purged my top two drawers, jewelry, nail polish, and linen closet and made avocado dip. I assembled some goat cheese and prosciutto crostini at Mom's for Christmas Day 3. We had another fun time

Cheers to everyone who is feeling some sort of way about something that is decidedly not holiday-ish, to those missing someone or something, and to all of us out here finding joy amidst the complications of life, growing around our grief when we are grieving anyone/old ways/anything, coexisting as imperfectly perfect humans, and grappling with general societal expectations. I'd send the entire world a hug if I could and encourage us all to keep showing up, talking and laughing, sticking with each other through the hard stuff, and just to keep going.

This week I hope to keep going on purging, sorting, and getting rid of a bunch of shit. Whatever you're doing, enjoy!

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