Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 1.2.2023

Friday I was up, showered, and out early to return shit to Kohl's, pick up a few groceries and some fresh flowers to end the year on a pretty note, and back home. I painted my nails quick & sloppy (OPI Verde Nice to Meet You and Zoya Charli). We picked up lunch and visited MFD's Gram who turned 94 Christmas week. Home to have a lie down before heading to Stephen & Aubrey's. 

We met up with Chris & Diana, Stephen's work friends, and Mike at Tired Hands then proceeded across the street to Ardmore Music Hall for the Stop Making Sense show, a Talking Heads cover band. The production was really good and they played long so I was super happy to have done the afternoon lie down LOL. MFD popped in at Uptown and we got home after 1.

Saturday NYE I did some purging and organizing, changed sheets, did a face mask, ran to Marshalls, finished a book and started another, and at night we did appetizers - roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, pigs in a blanket, mac & cheese balls. Dessert was angel food cake with lemon curd and mixed berries. We burned a bayberry candle and others down to the nubs and called it a year. I trusted the year would flip at midnight without me watching and I definitely did not make it until 10 pm
Sunday NYD MFD was gone to mummery early. I did laundry, made pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and ate none of it. 

My brother picked me up and took me to my other brother's house where we did eat that meal. The pork was outstanding. We walked over to see MFD and Uptown come back from the parade and hung out until about 10:30. Follow Evan Leslie Images on FB for more photos of Uptown in costume and of course if you are looking for a photographer for life's big and small moments or for any corporate/product needs.
Monday was a lazy day in observation of the new year and devoted entirely to eating leftovers and watching season two of Succession.

Back to work after 10 days off is what we're doing today aside from wishing my BFF Laura a fantastic birthday.

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