Monday, January 23, 2023

snippets of the weekend 1.23.2023

Work work, finish shore contracts for the summer, pay bills, pack pack, wait for 95 traffic to subside, and head to the shore at 7 to unpack and laze around. I slept 10 hours on Friday night and it was glorious. Saturday we did a beach walk and the sky and water were so interesting I could have stayed there all day but the wind was inhospitable and we had things to do.

We had lunch at The Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Co. in Somers Point (I got the pork belly with muenster), hit up Big Wally's furniture, then spent 1.5 excruciating hours in Egg Harbor Twp. getting the flooring quote right in person for the first floor in the main house because five days of back and forth on the phone did not work. Off-season shore chores! I dropped MFD off and went to the grocery store. Back at home I read, then we watched the Eagles and I made wings in my new (as of December) air fryer - it's 8 qt and lavender, can you die. It's Crux, 8 qt, and $59 at Best Buy. It replaced my shore Cosori that was my original air fryer and died on Thanksgiving Eve.
Sunday I took the best friend dogs on an hour beach walk and we checked out the coastal replenishment At-At in action, found some sea glass, and enjoyed being outside despite the gray. I showered, then went back and purchased the furniture we decided on and did a Target pickup order. 

I contacted a returning renter who wanted to come back in September. We weren't planning on renting in September, but costs for floor replacement are higher than anticipated so now we are. It's good to have options. 

We hung out upstairs while I made turkey veggie rice soup from the Thanksgiving turkey carcass that was in the freezer. We watched Emily the Criminal. I started and stopped two books and finally started a third I think I'll stick with. We caught up a bit on Yellowstone and were in bed by 11.

Happy Lunar New Year despite yet another devastating mass shooting clouding the celebrations. Between that and the non-50th anniversary of Roe yesterday, it was a good weekend to largely be off the internet. 

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