Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - And custodians of public opinion state fact after vainly discussing her rights lay hands off her body it's not your fuckin' life

I am not required to compromise with anyone on abortion and will not. There is not middle ground between people having the right to control their own body and make their own medical decisions and the right of a majority white, male government to do so. Why in the fuck would I be moderate about ripping rights back? No abortion laws on the books period. Fuck off and die. 
Giving myself permission to sit in absolute rage, and hoping you give yourself permission to as well. We said this was coming and too many people thought they knew better and voted for the president that installed three ultra conservative justices that overturned precedent on abortion AND MORE. Still more to come unless the Court is expanded or abandoned. We fucking told you this would happen, the ultra conservatives have been working on this for 50 fucking years, not like there were no fucking signs. This is mostly about abortion rights up front, and if you are not for them, click out of here and out of me. Forever. Do not care to know you, am not interested in agreeing to disagree on bodily autonomy. If you support bodily autonomy and voted for trump, I hope you are doing whatever the fuck you can now to claw those rights back. And I fucking hope whatever you voted for over the right of bodily autonomy was worth it. Was it worth it? Was it?

My reply to anyone who has said, "Have a good holiday" this week has been: What freedoms are there to celebrate? Fuck the Fourth, we are a nation in distress, a police state under minority rule at the beck and call of billionaire oligarchs with a locked government who isn't doing jack fucking shit. Have a good one, now

It's okay to tell anyone who is gaslighting you into thinking this is not a big deal because "it's just back to the states" to fuck off. 
Frustrated and infuriated that we are limited in what we can do as people right now and strangled by minority rule. We should be in the streets burning it down or at the least on a general strike. Fuck calls for civility - gaining rights has never been a peaceful or bloodless exchange. We are not required to tolerate people who do not believe in bodily autonomy and any calls to are fucking gaslighting. You want to be civil? Leave people's reproductive systems alone and mind your own fucking business. 

Our country is not your church. I don't give a good fuck what you think your God thinks about abortion. I feel sorry for anyone who is rejoicing who thinks they are walking the path of Jesus.
How to help within the system we are currently operating in We must first take care of each other - fund abortion. Do not try to be a rogue actor because you feel the need to do something - I get the desire to be part of a "camping" crew but we must use the well established and networked organizations to safely help people. The best thing to do if you are able is open your wallet. Every organization below will take donations right now. If you are unable to donate, share these resources in your networks and encourage others to donate. Links:
Donate to abortion funds: National Network of Abortion Funds
Donate to organizations that provide travel to those seeking abortions: The Brigid Alliance
Know your digital security rights: Digital Defense Fund
Know your options:, Plan C, Hey Jane
Support independent clinics: Keep Our Clinics
Support during or after a miscarriage or abortion: M+A Hotline, 1-8-246-2632 (call or text)
Legal advice: IfwhenHow - lawyering for reproductive justice

How to deal with the government while we live in this rigged system - ask them to pass the Judiciary Act. Tell them to expand the fucking court. Ask people running for office what they will do to protect, expand, or reinstate bodily autonomy on a state and/or federal level. Ask them to expel people in any office of government that took part in January 6. 

Elect other pro-choice, anti-filibuster candidates to the Senate - they are usually democrats. Sorry about it if that annoys you. In PA this fall that's John Fetterman, Tim Ryan in Ohio, and in Wisconsin it is Mandela Barnes. KANSAS RESIDENTS - on August 2 vote NO on the ballot amendment that would overturn the right to abortion. MICHIGAN RESIDENTS - Sign the petition to get an amendment on the ballot in November that would affirm that every person has the fundamental right to reproductive freedom. Sign this by JULY 11. 

Perfect timing for the arrival of this gift from Beth. LOL forever that Fox News made people think anti-fascists were the bad people and encouraged people to vote for the actual fascists.

Do what you need to do to make room for joy, rest, peace, and laughter. And peace the fuck out when you need to. If that includes cutting people the fuck out who tell you they love you and vote for people who are intent on harming you, that's okay. If that includes no longer knowing people who told you Roe would never be overturned, that's okay. Our collective doom scrolling isn't solving anything so might as well get some peace if you can

Find beauty in the ordinary. The barrage of bad is designed to wear you down and make you feel hopeless. There are more of us and we are not required to accept this shit.

Summer meals have entered the chat. Summer flowers, flags, wreaths made by Sue for the shore, and sunsets too.
Philly this week.
Dogs, man. Ben puked in the bed Tuesday morning. Sheets washed and reapplied. Mae pooped all over it Wednesday morning, a byproduct of anal gland issues she had addressed at the vet on Tuesday. Sheets washed AGAIN and reapplied. And Bruce has just been sensitive Gooby trying to recover from the horror of his people going on vacation without him.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Don't Pray on Me by Bad Religion

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