Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Snippets of the weekend 7.5.2022

Salad, pet store, finishing a book in the dark. To the shore Saturday morning for turnover - all the bedding and laundry, mirror fixed. Watermelon bedspreads make me happy, like notes from fam.
Back to Philly to shower and pack up and head upstate to the peace of the lake at Lori's - a solid six hours in the car on Saturday but worth it to do turnover in person and make it to the lake.
Reflections. Super low dew point. Sunshine. Nice skies. Signature purple. Lots of books, some good, some passed on. Porch time. Relaxing. Relaxing. Relaxing. Watching new boat drivers. Laughter. 
Dog heaven. Dirt rolling, swimming, panting, sunning, snoozing, eating.
Blue skies, sun dappled everything, breakfast hotdogs, Montrose, vendors on the green, flowers, dips, pickle hummus, fireworks, time with one of my most cherished people. The promise of America and the reality of America chafing with several mass shootings on July 4 and many white women feeling for the first time an infringement on their rights that Black, Native, and marginalized people in general and women in particular have felt for centuries. 

And, lest I forget ever, a shore hot water heater that gave up the ghost on July 4, 2022. Emergency service, expensive AF repair. Thankfully MFD had not yet left for Monday parades and could stay down and be the man on the scene. 

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