Friday, June 3, 2022

Friday stories: The Saga of Jocelyn and Jacob and Cement Shoes

The Saga of Jocelyn and Jacob A few weeks ago we discovered a dove on our owner's porch at the shore. Her mate came to visit. She had eggs. There were some close calls of swooping in and out and we decided we would evict after the babies had flown the coop as vacation rental guests need to walk by this. At some point MFD named them Jocelyn and Jacob. Welp this week I was upstairs and saw a crow come in and leave rapidly and heard lots of fluttering. I started yelling for MFD, who was inside our apartment working. He ran out, saw one of the babies was gone, and found its head next door. As we were in a dither, the crow returned and snatched the other baby and I cannot even say what that looked like. Jocelyn and Jacob sat on the electric wires and watched mournfully. It was avian mayhem and carnage and while one who reads murdery books might assume I hired the crow since I was planning to evict, I did not. We left the nest intact for a day so they could mourn. The King and the Queen went back to the green but you can never go back there again so today it is gone along with soooooo much poop. Really so much. Circle of life shit, in the same week I saw a snake eating a fish in upstate PA. I am a roving National Geographic reporter.

Cement Shoes Not more murder and mayhem, but I did step into wet concrete directly in front of my house and had to pull my flip flops out of it with my hands full of printed material, shower curtain rings, wallet, keys, phone, and Flex seal, and no one even fucking saw it. I was eyeing a crow on the sidewalk, likely the bird murderer referenced above, and walked right the fuck into the edge because no cone was there. What good is doing something so foolish if no one sees it? Not like it was new, either. I  have watched them do this work for two days immediately outside of where I sit to work. WTF! Dad and Carol were at the house but not on the porch. MFD was fishing. I yelled HEY to the guy on the corner with a constant cigarillo in a white tip clenched in his teeth who was borrowing our electric and music and had overall responsibility for the concrete work and he even fucking ignored me so I drug my wet self to the outdoor shower and hosed off my flip flops, calves, and feet. Can I just take the rest of the day off.

ALSO. Other Shit I Wanted to Include in Thursday Thoughts yesterday but my brain is a sieve and there's a lot going on

Matches. Who has a dog that eats them aside from us? Ben loves to eat matches.

Simparica Trio This is what my dogs are on for flea/tick and heartworm. I've used a lot of things over the years and this is by far the best with the least side effects. People in the southeastern PA/NJ  area (and probably elsewhere in the Northeast, ask your vet), your dogs should be on flea/tick all year now, as well as heartworm. It is not getting cold enough in the winters for the flea/ticks to die off. 

Happy Weekending!  

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