Monday, June 20, 2022

Snippets of the weekend 6.20.2022

 Last day of work before vacation. Quick clean out the fridge pasta salad for lunch. Amato’s takeout and birthday cupcakes at Mom & Rich’s. 

A 7 am leave for the shore. House was in great shape. A kid clearly bathed in the hand soap that was full the previous week. I spent 45 minutes sweating and pulling out 24 under bed bins to locate my pillow shams. Outdoor shower leak MFD fixed. Run to Walgreen’s. Pack up our shit for vacation to take home. Spent 1.5 more hours there than I wanted to.

Lunch salad from Reen’s. Shower and a 10 minute lie down. 4:30 pm iced coffee. Hit the road with Stephen & Aubrey for Joe & Shellie’s wedding dinner at Seasons 52 in King of Prussia. It was fun & nice to see people. A quick run through the Valley Forge Casino for people watching and roulette.
Juneteenth, reparations. Bruce figured out we are going on vacation. First pedicure in like a year and first manicure in IDK how long. Some work work. Packing. JalapeƱo popper dip for Father’s Day. A nice dinner at Aubrey’s parents’ as always. This dog! Best dads. First corn off the cob of the season. Carol’s ice cream cake. Happy birthday Mom & Happy Father’s Day Rich! 

Happy Juneteenth - it's not just a celebration or a day off, but should also be a day of reflection and reparations. 

Vacation week! Instagram overload I'm sure. 

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