Wednesday, June 8, 2022

TWTW - the one with the family for my brother's birthday

Bay skies, first weekend with beach tags, favorite lemon poppyseed donut from Drip N Scoop, creeping on other people's flowers season, pets in the vestibule
Fishing, Friday night pizza from Boyars, Saturday extra large orders at Wawa, China Glaze Planted & Enchanted, Shibumi working, porch sitting, using the pipe to block sandstorms

Worn out dogs, first gyro of the year from Opa on Sunday, stunning beach day Saturday, working on my Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, beach reads are back, the Falconer
Ferris wheels with visible slivers of moon, happiest 39th birthday to my brother, strong resemblances, fence flowers, tiny treasures, peace in a pic
Lumineers in Camden, sliver of moon, top of the hill hang on chairs rented by MFD, the most people I have seen in one place in years, parking lot pees, no one knew the cover they did of Thunder Road
No swings, but I did do the music ride at Wonderland with my niece. Really fun, on the go weekend. Loved spending it with these people as always
I had all the photos done for this by Monday and here we are on Wednesday. 

This five days on, two days off business is fucking bullshit.

Peace in the east.

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