Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Three Things February 2022

It's been quite a while. Three Things is back. Hopefully monthly but this has been in draft since September 21, 2021, so...we'll see.

Three things that make me feel free
1. Leaving my phone on another floor for hours
2. Walking on the beach when no one else is around
3. Driving over bridges with the sun roof open

Three things I am inclined to forget when leaving the house
1. Wallet
2. House key
3. Gloves

Three nail things I recommend
1.Fully preparing nails and not skipping steps then complaining nails chip on day two: remove polish, attend to cuticles, file, buff, wash, dry well, base coat, wait a few minutes, color coat 1, wait a few minutes, color coat 2, wait a few minutes, top coat. Cuticle cream when dry. Aside from the two items below, happy to share any other items I use if you need a recommendation.
3.Seche Vive Gel Effect top coat (affiliate link)

Three things I keep saying I should do and continue to not do
1. Stretch daily
2. Re-start Shit MFD Said
3. Purge my shoes

Three reading related things I don't do that you might 
1. Listen to audio books
2. Re-read books. I have re-read some, of course. And some I've read so many times in my teen years I could recite them. But that was definitely young me. As I get older, I don't do that much anymore at all. 
3. Give a synopsis of the book when I talk about the book. That's what the book jacket writer is for

Three places I am dying to go 
1. Budapest
2. Glacier National Park
3. New Mexico

Three things I do every day by noon
1. Drink at least 40 ounces of water
2. Drink iced coffee 365 days unless I'm traveling and it is unavailable/not easily accessible and there's no fridge for me to make and keep my own
3. Tell a dog to stop or, alternatively, to come on

Three fashion trends I can confidently say I will never do again
1. Stirrups
2. Big hair
3. Spaghetti strap cami tanks

Three things I'm over
1. Working five out of seven days
2. People acting like there is no systemic racism while examples fly freely around like farts on the wind
3. Exhausting shit and idiots. I am over so many things and this is a good catch all

Three things I'm looking forward to
1. Birthday month!
2. Being barefoot outside
3. Lots of quality time with friends and fam coming up in spring and summer


 I think the last time I did this was August 2019

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