Monday, February 7, 2022

TWTW - the first one in February

Friday I was working by 7, and left Philly for the shore around 11:00 with my dog crew. It was a shitbomb rainy day. After work, leftovers for dinner and reading on the couch.

Saturday I picked up a floor painting kit at Home Depot and a drive up order from Target before popping out at North Street beach for a solo lunch walk. In the afternoon I finished a book and started another. I was in for the night but Ben had sad eyes so I took him to the beach solo. He was happy as hell while I was cold as hell. 

Wells Fargo across the street from my house changed their lighting and now it's like living in the shadow of a football stadium. I will be Karening about that to the manager and the city on Monday. Honestly though did they not consider all the residences around them? It's egregious and aggressive especially in a very light crime town.

Sunday After coffee and fetch with Ben, I cleaned and prepped the bathroom floor and found that the ultra white paint in the floor painting kit was actually deep tint (read: dark) so I had to go back and exchange that - there were only two in the freaking South Jersey area so thankfully the second one was right. On the way home I stopped at Stainton's to look for something for Lori and picked up two pair of my favorite gloves on clearance. I tinted the white base pink and painted a first coat on the bathroom floor (second photo) and really liked it and now of course think the wall tiles need to be painted so I'll add that to the get this shit done before June list. I'm doing spot touch ups today and will do the semi-gloss top coat tomorrow. I painted my nails after, looked for light fixtures for the bathrooms as the ones that came with the house are at least 10 years old and they're $12 rusted to shit jobbies I've already spray painted a few times (why is finding what I want so hard), and caught up on The Righteous Gemstones while the dogs snoozed in the sun.
We hit the beach for a stroll as we do. Lots of great shells out there, but most inhabited, so we left them. These two below were empty, whole, & keepers!

I'm trying to get a home project done every weekend in February. Here we go! 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow!

Happy Monday.

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