Monday, February 21, 2022

TWTW - the Presidents Day one

Friday I started work early, but not as early as Billy Hicks, who made it to the office first. I painted my nails on a break, color influenced by Audrey (CND Vinylux Sage Scarf, you can see it in action on one of the Saturday photos below), had big ass salads for lunch with MFD and Ben, had an unsuccessful trip to HomeGoods, spent a few hours with my niece and nephew and giugitsus (sp?) while having pizza and cupcakes, and assed out on the couch after a stop at Target on the way home. 

Saturday Wakeup time was around 7:15, but I wasn't feeling it. I ended up sleeping until almost 10:30. I needed it I guess, and I am trying to get better about not getting up just to get up if I need rest. I eased into the day with eggs with the dogs and then read a book, did a lot of laundry folding and sorting, moved some furniture around, ran to the grocery store, and made creamy sausage tortellini soup. So easy and delicious. After that I packed up the car and headed back to the shore with los perros. I unpacked immediately which I never do and was up reading late. 

Sunday I had another lie in until about 9, got a big salad from Wawa and picked up supplies at Sherwin Williams, battled between the desire to get a project going and the desire to read a book straight through, finally prepped and primed the counter top, took the dogs to the beach, and headed out.

Melissa and Jim & the kids were a few towns over, so I popped in for a visit, including a beautiful and freezing due to wind jetty walk( bottom left pic I borrowed from Melissa) and dinner. It was impromptu and great, I'm glad we could make it work. Also look at the gorgeous church across as I was leaving. 
If you've never driven on the Garden State Parkway in the southern shore area with no one behind you on a moonless night, this is what it looks like looking out the back LOL. I stopped at ACME on the way home to exchange my water jugs, put another coat of primer on the counter tops, walked the dogs, had some Jeni's ice cream, and finished a book just before midnight. 

Work today, no bank holidays here. 

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