Thursday, February 17, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - I think about the implication of diving in too deep

1. I had a shit day on Tuesday. Riding the Sugar Dragon straight to hell on the fumes of Super Bowl leftovers felt good in the moment and gave me a stunning headache after. 

2. It didn't help that it was still wicked cold, the beach was super flat, and dogs were still tired from our Monday long walk in the cold. What a nice treat to get an impromptu visit from Beth and G and Lulu Monday. 

3. MFD went home Tuesday night, taking Bruce, Mae, and Billy cat. I kept Ben with me and he would definitely thrive as an only dog. Which I get, after coming from a hoarder house having to fight for food and attention. The only thing he wants is another dog near him when he eats so he can be Mr. Teeth. Bruce on the other hand was very upset to be sent home.

Wednesday was warm and beautiful and made me long for spring. Someone was already out walking in bare feet. Not too long now. I don't wait long on doing that. 

4. I love treasure hunting, but the best is when you go to the beach just for a quick 15 or 20 minute walk and come across some things just lying there you have to put in your pocket. These are Wednesday's, still sandy, and Monday's unexpected glass haul. I should really paint this counter this weekend.

5. This is the new piece of furniture we wrestled with last weekend set up as a work station. I actually put another ceramic utensil holder under the monitor to put that up more too. It works for the few days a week I'll need it in the summer. I'll put a little light in there too in the back. The countertop paint mentioned above is in that brown paper bag waiting, waiting LOL
6. I love when I catch sun or light like this. In my computer monitor before shutting down for the day, me crouching like a creep to get it.

7. I fought the long arm of Wells Fargo Corporate Facilities this week and sort of won? They installed new lighting to adhere to some NJ statute. It is like living next to a fucking football stadium. They dimmed the lights and angled them down but I still need blackout shades. Who has recommendations that won't kill my wallet? These photos were all taken before they did anything.
8. Change of scenery for a few days, and that meant dinner last night with Jen & Kelly! It's been over two years. I've been friends with Jen for over 40 years and Kelly like 32? 35? It's always like no time has gone by at all. We went to Las Margaritas & it was good. 

9. Reminder via byhappyal

10. This made me LOL

TGIAF! Windows open, lunch with a coworker, niece's play tonight. Wrestling with making it back to the shore for an appointment early.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Overkill by Men at Work - love this acoustic version the most 

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