Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday Five: news & views & questions for you

Views: pouring rain and gray 
News: Freaking everyone out over rain stopping and the world turning to ice within seconds

I'm digging through all my under the bed storage boxes at the shore this weekend and completing a project. Either papering the powder room ceiling, which will require me to purchase a ladder, or possibly a countertop project in my apartment? I've had the materials for that since last spring. MFD won't be there to complain about the mess and disruption. Do you have any home projects going on, big or small?

I'm ready to order tile paint for the bathroom floor at the shore too. The space is super small. Who has painted a tile floor? Anyone? Bueller? 

I am going from the stud earrings I've been wearing relentlessly the past few years back to hoop earrings and came across unique nose rings in my search - I am not nose ring material but I do like them on other people. Earrings - change daily or wear the same or wear none? Are you a nose ring person? 

I started working at 6:45 today and 7:15 yesterday. I quite like doing that to flex time and have more room during the day. What is your optimal work start time?

I'm in the market for a new hyaluronic serum. I swear I have looked at a zillion on the internet. I'm leaning toward The Ordinary, because I've used it in the past so know my skin will be fine with it and I'm not looking to spend a mint on this particular skincare piece and I'm not looking to switch to any skincare system. Do you use a hyaluronic serum, and if so, which one? 

Today is the American Heart Association's Wear Red Day - heart disease and strokes are responsible for 1 in 3 deaths among women each year. Read more here

Yesterday I drove from northern VA back to Philly in rain and fog. Can't wait to drive from Philly to the shore in rain after my morning meeting.  

Happy Friday friends. This is the last month without spring.


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