Monday, April 26, 2021

TWTW - insert title here

Friday I spent the day cleaning up professional and personal shit in Philly with my PB&J lunch, then headed to the shore around 4:30. I was thrilled to see much of the door project done - ordered in September and in since January, I was at the it's about fucking time stage for the installation of those. They grouped them with the second set of windows (just the bathrooms, and two of the windows were probably 30-40 years old). I'm hoping they are fully done by Tuesday of this week. After that excitement it was Wawa for dinner as everything else was closed and I had nothing quick to make. I finished a book, painted my nails, and that's about it. 

Saturday I got 8.5 hours of sleep which was amazing. It's finally porch coffee season. I went to my second favorite indie bookstore - Bookateria Two, the used paperback store a few blocks from my house. I also got a Bungalow Bowl. We did a long beach walk. Boyar's BLT for dinner. I meant to do things but I couldn't put the Laura Dave book that comes out on May 4 down (get it!) then I got caught up in feng shui and looking for door colors. Our apartment door is set, ordered, on its way - it's the green (Fallow & Ball Verdigris) - the main house door is still up in the air. I'm partial to the orange here - salmon in a lot of natural light, which we have. That's Charlotte's Locks from Fallow & Ball. I did just discover there is an archive softer version of this I might be interested in - bisque

Sunday I went through every room in the main house making a list of what needs to be addressed in the next month, catalogued all of the bins under the beds so I know what is where for turnovers, purged what needed to be purged, figured out where new decor is going, and got rid of some trash. I took Bruce and Ben to the beach then headed home. I returned stuff to JoAnn and Target, hit Sam's when I was hangry and bought trash food, and had dinner with my brother & Aubrey and the kids. I caught a great sunset on the way home and chilled out until bedtime. 

It looks like I find myself back on TWTW and Thursday Thoughts posts. Insert shrug shoulders emoji.

If you missed it this weekend - Harriett's Bookshop's lease is up in July. There is a gofundme to get them a permanent space. A lot of true feminist, anti-racist work is shifting resources. If you have funds, please donate. If you do not have the money to donate at this time, please share the link, and also ask companies who pledged a commitment last to be a part of true, radical, substantial change in our  communities to achieve equitable spaces to shift some resources to this Black woman business owner who is a leader in the community. 

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