Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - for you, the sun will be shining

1. It's finally happening. The doors that I ordered in September and arrived in January are being installed at the shore. We replaced the bathroom windows this time around too. I think the windows in two of the upstairs bathrooms were at least 30 years old, probably more. Originally neither of us were going to be down there. I don't think I did true before photos of most of the doors but I'll surely be taking pics when I get down there tomorrow. I have to spend this weekend walking through the house to see what absolutely must get done before Memorial Day. Trim painting will obviously be on there. 

2. I put something on the calendar for today that was yesterday and missed it. It was an appointment I was supposed to take my dad to. I never miss shit and I’m never late so I get out of the shower at 8:15 and after being out of touch for 20 minutes everyone thinks I am dead. My parents and MFD were hysterical, he dispatched his siblings to look for me on the highway. My brother was almost crying. MFD was like this is what happens when you are the most reliable person we know and you are both late and not answering calls or texts. LOL. I know this happens but never to me. I never recovered so I took the day off. This is your brain overloaded.

3. I did pick up my Dad with my brother in tow to deal with his car, go to Target and Aldi, get my hair done, read a book, took a three hour nap which left me up late last night, finished contact papering my closet, moved all of my clothes back into my closet, got a bunch of door and window installation reports from MFD at the shore, and generally peaced out. Sometimes you just have to put it all down.

4. I also made dinner, including my favorite little potatoes. I rinse and put in the microwave with 1/4 inch of water to steam for eight minutes, drain, then pop them in the oven with whatever is in there fir about 25 min if on 350. I just Add a few pats of butter and sea salt. They are delicious. 

5. While we’re on the subject of food, you cannot heat Aldi for the dried mango and the frozen mixed berries which I eat straight from the freezer. Also the salmon (not frozen).

6. I’ve been to HomeGoods this week, which means Ben gets toys. He loves toys. The top is a new octopus and the bottom is a trusty hippo, his favorite Philly toy. His beloved sheep is his favorite shore toy.

7. My lily of the valley are coming in, which always remind me of my grandmom. We’ve spent a lot of time outside this week. 

8. A guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin in a system that was designed to oppress Black people means many miles to go. Many systems. All systems, Actually. Consider this OpEd and the coded language that “nice neighborhood” is - what does that really mean? Also check out and follow integrated schools on Instagram. Also FYI: you are not required to entertain commentary from or spend time arguing with people who throw the white supremacy language at you in the aftermath of murders like Ma’Khia Bryant’s: weapon, compliance, etc. In order to dismantle systemic racism you are required to stand up to white supremacy but that does not require a dissertation - sometimes it is just a no, I will not entertain your tired shit on this. 

9. Reminder: 

10. E-card: this would be perfect if only the maker observed the Oxford comma. Imagine one after cheese and carry on.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is  Songbird by Fleetwood Mac - it is rare for me to pick a Christine over a Stevie

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