Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday Five 4.2.2021

1. I walked past the catholic church at the end of my street while Holy Thursday mass was in session last night. A door was propped open and I could hear singing. It would be nice if all church doors were open and welcoming of all people. As they are.  

2. Friday reminder from your favorite (?) feminist buzzkill to drink your water. 

3. I love seeing discarded flowers on the beach. I think up all kinds of stories surrounding them. 

4. We're under construction replacing our apartment entry off the drive here to attempt to address a structural issue in the house. Door replacement is next, all doors are finally in. 

5. You need these in your Easter baskets, peeps. My oreo testing family friends Ashley & John & their girls had these on the Instagram and I was like hell yes these are for me and they were, indeed, for me. 

What else? Kate and Dan are up in the house with the kids. Mom and Rich and Debbie were supposed to be here also, but best laid plans...Mom sent food though! 

I put all my Covid vaccine stuff in a story highlight on Instagram. 

My back is out like the 44 year old I am, and I was googling local chiros last night since mine is in Philly and I haven't seen him since February 2020. I also googled elderly foot care for foot pain and came up with articles about seniors so maybe elderly is not a good word for my age LOL. I bought heat tape for the shore to add to my pre-season list and have plans to hit the local meat shop around the corner as they open this weekend. 


Happy Friday, Happy Passover as I only said that out loud on Instagram last week, and Happy Easter! 

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