Monday, April 5, 2021

TWTW - the one with the Easter

Friday work on the entryway continued - saws and door blocked and all that. I vacuumed And mopped the floor to add to the noise. They finished around 7, and MFD arrived at the same time. We hung upstairs a bit with Kate and Dan and the kids, then passed out by 10. Ben just sat and waited for them to be done. I don't have one blessed Friday photo, which is extremely rare as I am constantly taking photos of nothing and everything.

Saturday I cleaned up some of the construction dust in the entry, finished a book and started another, took a long lunch walk with Ben, creeped on other people's spring flowers, lounged and read, put a new lamp together, hung upstairs again at night and early to bed.

Sunday I went to get groceries after Kate, Dan, and the kids left. I did some food prep of veggies for the week, macaroni salad, and deviled eggs. MFD went fishing in the North End and I took The best friend dogs over there to bum around. We spent the late afternoon relaxing and reading before having dinner, including ham and pineapple stuffing mom sent down with Kate. We also said goodbye to our attached neighbors, who sold their house and we are really hoping for good neighbors buying it. It is extra important when someone is a) attached to you and b) in a vacation rental town. 

The weekend was nice and relaxing, the way we like it, and we hadn't seen Kate & Dan in forever. How many times will we be saying "we haven't seen x in forever" throughout the remainder of the year as we start seeing people again? 

It is already a total Monday. But it is Eva the Diva's 7th birthday, and what a far cry from her last birthday on the lawn, our first and my only drive by birthday. Her world looks different this year in a better way and for that I am so glad. It is so nice to see families together in larger groups again as people get vaccinated. Happy birthday Eva!

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