Monday, September 14, 2020

TWTW - splitskies

Friday My September weekend warrior regulars were coming in so I was up in the house early doing the final things. They arrived early so we chatted for a little before I retreated for the Friday working. I finished a book at night and started another. And laughed loud and long by myself at Ben's teeth.
Saturday I was exhausted so I spend much of the morning just sitting and reading and letting that happen without guilt. I eventually got up and cleaned like moved furniture cleaned while I was waiting for a bed frame to arrive. When it did, I drug it inside then headed back to Philly. MFD got sushi for dinner and I went to Sam's to get king bed pillows the app told me they had in store but actually did not have - what they did have was Christmas shit and it is not even September 15. That is a HARD no. Do people know rushing through the rest of this year is not going to make things any better? We watched Social Dilemma on Netflix. Recommend, from a person who watches mostly nothing. I passed out on the couch hard. 

Sunday Up around 5 to do the freaking laundry. I did seven loads of laundry between Saturday at 6p and Sunday at 9a. I showered and went to Target to pick up an order but ended up having to go in and get the rest of my storage items and of course some other shit.

Carol, Aubrey, and I went up to my aunt & uncle's for my cousin's bridal shower. Outdoor and safe; a great shower with lovely touches.
I packed up my car and two of the dogs and was back at the shore by 5. MFD arrived closer to 10 and we made a bed frame switch and did the cleaning underneath the bed and all that then. Inadvisable. Lots more happening upstairs in the house today, he'll take care of most and I'll help during lunch and after work. Then at some point I need to organize all the stuff in the storage bins. 

And yours?

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