Wednesday, September 9, 2020

TWTW - settle down because it's extra long

Friday I woke up with that glorious I have many days off ahead feeling. It cannot be captured in words. But my new mug from my niece and nephew does capture it perfectly. I got a pedicure (OPI Call Me Gwen Ever), then we hit the beach for a wonderful beach day. My dad arrived back around dinner, with Debbie pulling in shortly after, and Stephen and Aubrey made a great meal. 

Saturday MFD had arrived super late, so I woke up to him there. We got down to the beach around 10:30 and it was another great beach day with Frank, Amanda, and Eva joining us and a Hulk Hogan sighting. We left around 6, Dad and Carol got Boyar's and Bennie's for dinner, we watched the Flyers lose, and had A La Mode ice cream cake for MFD & Debbie's birthdays. 
Sunday The kids come down every morning to see the dogs and I love it. I also made Gus's special million dollar food and a big bowl of macaroni salad. My Dad and brother set up early at the beach and we had a good compound for a while with many later encroachers. Breakfast sandwiches from the Beach Club, Drew joined us, and it was another perfect beach day. 
Followed by The Driveway Party! In which we sat in the driveway with peoplThere was food and water balloon tosses and fights and billowing smoke and music and drinks and neighbors waving. Old school drive way party. Bring your own chair.
We had dogs wandering and escaping, decorations, Zingo and prizes by hurricane lantern light, roasted marshmallows with the cooling charcoal, and then cigars or face masks. It was a lot of fun. I can usually keep the kids out of photos but not this time LOL. 

Monday Crying time, everyone was packing up and going home. I woke up so exhausted I was basically stationary for a few hours. The dogs were tired too. I put together my SUYB post and stayed out of the cleaning and packing way. The kids were down to see the dogs. Dad and Aubrey hung blinds and Aubrey put together a bed frame that is giving me heart eye emoji storage in the house that I currently do not have. MFD fished most of the day, and I lay around reading and actually took a nap. We went to the North End for more fishing, reading, and sunset. 

As far as long weekends go, this one was pretty perfect. I had a great weekend with family and framily, and more than the long weekend with Dad and Carol, Stephen, Aubrey, and the kids. My heart is always full after and I'm always sad to see them go. 

How was yours? 

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