Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Keep the Stress of Moving Down

Moving...just the word strikes fear in the hearts of many. If you have a home/apartment move coming up, you are likely experiencing some kind of stress around it. If you're not, it's possible you are living in ignorant bliss because after all, moving is one of the most stressful times in life. The top five most stressful life events include death of a loved one, divorce, moving, major illness or injury, and job loss. So moving is serious business and it's something you usually want to be done as quickly and painlessly as possible in order to carry on and be able to enjoy the home a little more. But unfortunately we can't jump right to the end, so we need to work on keeping stress levels down through the process.  As long as you can do that, the whole thing will seem much easier, so let's get right to how we might do that.

Give it Time
It's always going to be helpful if you can allow yourself plenty of time for the move. Timing of moving is often a slippery bugger dependent on houses closing or apartments being available or leases ending. That doesn't mean you can't do as much as you can in preparation. Purge your belongings. Pack what you don't use daily or weekly. Label boxes well. Do a little every night so you don't feel overwhelmed. Try to find some joy in it for what it is - you can take stock of what you have and what you no longer need and maybe move on to your next place a little lighter. 

Find Some Help
Who wants to do a move all by themselves? No one. There's always help to be had but you need to ask for it or go in search of it. That help could be in the form of some professional movers or just your friends and family (and for heaven's sake if someone offers to help you you say YES). I think the last time we moved I said I was never doing it myself again, but don't we always say these things? Watch I'll be doing it on my own and begging everyone I know for help next time. ANYWAY in either case, hiring or begging, it will be a tremendous help to have others with you and the actual process of moving will go much quicker. 

Plan It Well
I alluded to planning somewhat in the time section above but to plan well, you need to think about every blessed thing and make sure you have it all prepared long before the date of the move itself. Do you have boxes and tape and markers and stuff to wrap your breakables in? How and when are going to move your pets? Do you know where you'll be donating things (check out Vietnam Vets or similar to pick donations up from your house so you don't have to make a lot of trips)? Are you timing your move preparation work so you hit the days your trash gets picked up for anything that is not a donation? Do you have a truck rented or movers hired?  Make a list, check it twice, and go over the logistics to make it as easy as possible on yourself. 

What's your best moving strategy? Do you have one coming up?

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