Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - Want a little grace but who's going to say a little grace for me?

Loving the fall skies. It's a great season in the sky.

Wishing I could be in many places at once all the time, but especially the next two weeks.

Hoping this weekend goes off without a hitch. I've got a lot of different moving parts.

Celebrating my niece's fourth birthday yesterday. I meant to write a whole blog post but got too busy. You'll not see her photo on here but she is the absolute best and being an aunt is one of my favorite things to be.

Spending a lot of time outside this week and it's been lovely except I'm glad it's not going to be 93 degrees again any time soon.

Anticipating delivery of my new oven tomorrow. If anything happens to thwart this, I'm going to lose my fucking mind and you'll hear it from wherever you are. Trust. 

Visiting Kristi, the best hairstylist around yesterday. 

Sending love to our friends Jenn & Steve and their kids and fam over the loss of Jenn's dad. 

Smiling when I saw my sister-in-law and mom both tagged me in this within an hour of each other.

Shaking my head over the insanity every fucking day. The authoritarianism and flagrant disregard for the constitution is one thing. Voting this cruelty into the office of the President of the United States is something we will never recover from.
Photographing sleeping dogs as always

Worrying about Mae. She's not doing well this week. I got her into the vet Tuesday night and she perked up enough to be nosy AF like usual but as of last night she was not back to normal. We think it's a bladder infection take two and that's what we're treating it as with antibiotics but we'll see.

Reading ....Not that much, which always feels weird but which I’ve come to expect for certain periods every year. I've read 136 books so far in 2019, and the last time that happened I experienced the same thing come September and spent most of a month barely reading like my brain needs a break in order to be able to absorb more. I'm taking that slow boat through novel land this week with the second Jane Doe - if you liked that one, there's another one out coming out in March 2020 (available now on Netgalley)! The fifth anniversary of Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. Are you joining us? There will be giveaways.

Listening to Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend (the part of the title of Thursday Thoughts after the hyphen is what's in my head or what I'm listening to when it's being written)

Reminding you to

Laughing at

What's new with you?

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