Monday, October 21, 2019

TWTW - the one of rest

Friday was a good day - I got a lot of work done, walked the beach at lunch and again at dusk, saw an engagement at dusk, washed my hair, and finished a book I was totally into.

Saturday I saw a pod of dolphins passing quite close to shore as soon as I hit the waterline and that wide grin stayed with me most of the day. I started and finished a book, showered, and did some writing. I was committed to rest this weekend so I fought myself on knowing but ignoring all the things that needed to be done around the house and I won. No zillions of to dos done. We hit the South End for a walk and shelling and to check out the erosion at the end of the day. A cheese & pepperoni plate and a new book at night then goodnight irene.
Sunday I slept in until 7:30, took a walk, did some reading, and did the requirements - pulled couch covers to be taken home to wash, secured porch furniture on two levels, did a walk through of the upstairs, and cleaned the bath/vacuumed our apartment. We took a beach walk in the rain and Bruce & Ben were not happy with me. Too bad dogs, we are an every day is a beach day family. I loaded up the car, made a pit stop at the grocery store as I headed out of town, and was back in Philly by 2:30. MFD made dinner and we watched seasons one and two of Fleabag before catching the end of the shiteous Eagles game.
Weekly food prep: Breakfasts are greek yogurt and granola since I didn't end up eating that last week. Lunches are PB&J on Dave's killer bread with baby carrots on the side. Bananas and pretzels for a snack. Dinners are pasta with veggie meat sauce, salad, fresh bread, and krauty chicken with a side of brussels. No pics because I didn't feel like dragging my computer back out. I had a Chuck's Roadhouse link in the Canadian vacation post last week and for some reason salted garlic bread caught my eye and I cannot stop thinking about it so yesterday's dinner in which MFD replicated it totally hit the spot.

Also since the Canadian vacation post google is showing me and Heat-Line freeze protection so winter is coming and there will be food. While the prospect of freezing is not my favorite, I do love that companies like Heat-Line exist to make life easier when outside feels like the frozen tundra. Also come to think of it, I'm not sure if I got the ad from the Canadian post or from someone in my neighborhood facebook group talking about hunting deer in a densely populated area and getting the kaibosh from neighbors.

Sunday was also Lori's birthday, one of those people who has impacted my life in a million positive ways and words don't do it justice. 

I hope you got some rest in this weekend. Peace as you begin your week. 

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